Posted by: Oliver Lee | January 9, 2014

Product Placement

Bumibusiness man ako.

Seriously, hindi ko inakala na magiging totoo itong ginagawa namin. Dati sobrang pangarap at kwentong lasing lang to pero ito na sya, totoo na.

Oo nga pala, bago ka tumuloy, ito ay isang shameless plugging post. Parang MMFF movie lang. Isang malaking product placement.

Nagopen na ang aming stupidly fun toy store!

Well not exactly a physical store, but an online one. Isa sa mga plans namin ang magkaroon ng physical shop pero isa-isa lang. Darating din kami dyan. I hope and wish.

Guys, I present to you RARUAN Toys and Hobby!

RARUAN Toys and Hobby

RARUAN Toys and Hobby! Click to go to our Facebook page

I hope you can spare some time to visit our site at Currently,we are offering Evangelion units and R2Q5 from Star Wars but we will be slowly expanding our product line. For more details, please visit our website! (Ano pwede na ba akong salesman? Hahahahha!)

Nakiki-usap na din ako sa inyo at nagsusumamo na i-share ang aming website. I would really, really, appreciate all the help to get the word out that we are open for business hahaha! Additional thank you na din kung iffollow nyo ang aming social accounts. 🙂

Ok, tapos na ung product placement ko, haha! Don’t worry, minsan minsan ko lang isisingit ang product placement dito sa blog ko DO BUY YOUR TOYS AT RARUAN! this will still be a personal and sometimes always, stupid, non-sense, blog.

This year, I think, started right for me and I do hope it did for you too! Thank you and hope you have a wonderful 2014!



  1. Kuya broken naman yung link, eto ang nahanap ko sa FB: yan ba yun? May mga makasalanang raruan ba jan LOL! Macheck nga! Baka may mabili ako hihi!

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