Posted by: Oliver Lee | June 19, 2012

Ahn-Nyeong Hah-Seh-Yo

This is not a post about K-pop, K-drama, or K-persons. As usual it is about food. Well, ok it’s K-food, haha!

Min Sok
(as usual, click pictures to embiggen)

We went to a Korean restaurant last night for dinner which I suggested. Actually, this is my second time to eat at this restaurant but I wasn’t able to write about it before because of reasons I also forgot (probably I was lazy or sumthin).  All I remember was that I had a fun and unique experience eating at this place.

Min-Sok is a Korean restaurant located at Poblacion, Makati. It has a homy feel innit and the place is really simple. Feels like your typical hole-in-the-wall restaurants.


We had a difficult time what type of meat to order. Luckily, the waitress was kind enough to walk us through the different meats that they serve. After a little nonsensical debate, we settled for Deungsim (beef steak) and Samgyupsal (pork cutlets). As typical with Korean restaurants, we were barraged with little delicious servings of side dishes to accompany our main dish.

Cook that meat!

side dishes! (sorry, i suck at captions)

What I like about this restaurant is that you need to eat with your hands as you need to wrap the meat together with some of the side dishes on a big lettuce. This kinda enforces me to eat vegetable now that I think about it.

Fig. 1: Put ’em

Fig. 2: Wrap ’em

There was also a free soup since we ordered two sets of meat but I was not really fond of it because it was too spicy for my taste. Well, at first it was ok but after quite some time that spice caught up. I think I even felt the spice up my nostrils hahaha.

Side Dish with Free Soup (Sundubu Jjigae)

After we finished our two sets of meat, we ordered two more because we still were not full and we were really having a great time constructing and eating our food. This time we ordered Chadolbaki (small strips of beef) and Short ribs (beef). I particularly enjoyed Chadolbaki even if it was thin and, well, fewer than the rest, because it was the most delicious of them all. It was really, really tasty and it goes well with the lettuce and the side dishes that we have.


Short Ribs

I think we had four refills of lettuce and the owner was also kind enough to refill the side dishes that we “ravaged”, haha. I really enjoyed the toasted onion and garlic combination with my meat combined with onion leaves (or leeks? I really am not sure) and the egg and potato mixture. I also loved the tofu side dish that we have. Not a big fan of kimchi because it leaves an after taste in my mouth. I also did not try the sea weeds because, well, I am not a big fan of sea weeds.

We also ordered one bowl of Bibimbap as one of my officemates really likes ‘em. I tried it but it was really not my alley as it has black sea weeds in it but it was really tasty. I think that if they removed the sea weeds in that bowl, I would have enjoyed it.

Bibimbap… ba duba dop
Ba do bop, ba duba dop
Ba do bop, ba duba dop
Ba do

After all the munching that we did, we each paid no more than P400 (I think the exact amount was P375, not sure) for 5 persons. Not bad considering that we ate four sets of different kinds of meat plate and a whole lot of side dishes and greens.

If you would like to have an authentic Korean food trip, I suggest that you try this one out and experience a unique, delicious, and cheap food trip experience.



  1. walang bago? ang haba!!!!! ng post!

  2. Nakatikim na ako ng Samgyupsal. Hindi na naulit! LOL

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  4. Naks! Ikaw na ang pumo-food review. LOL

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