Posted by: Oliver Lee | May 11, 2012

Of Chocolates, Shakes, Burgers, and Steaks

First of all, I would like to thank Google+ for automatically saving the photos that I capture using my Android phone on the cloud. Yes, Google+ is that useful to me. See, I accidentally reformatted the memory card in my phone (yes, that really happened.) so all data just got lost, so thanks to Google+ my images are still somewhere in the clouds. (This is not a paid advertisement for Google+, but if you are willing to give me some moolah about it, who am I to argue, hahaha. Also, Google+ whitens your skin in just 7 days!).

Anyway, like I said in my last post, the thing I would write about today is food. You see, I was so lazy last night (which kinda happens a lot) so I kinda wrote something short and fun (for me, at least).  So lezzdodeez while I am in the mood to write.

A few weeks ago, me and the officemates were in kinda in the mood for some food trip so we went to a lot of good restaurants around the metro. I might have forgotten some of the details about it but I would do my best with my eidetic idiotic memory to remember, well, those that I can. As usual, you can click the pictures to embiggen, hehe.

Maitre Chocolatier

Maitre Chocolatier

I have no idea how to pronounce it so don’t ask.

It’s a restaurant where all the dishes that they serve are made with chocolate so this is meant for chocoholics out there (like me!) . It’s located somewhere in Jupiter St., in Makati. Their chocolate fondue is to die for and I bet that you would empty that chocolate like we did with ours. If only we can drink from that pot….

That Chocolate Fondue is For You! (angkorni, keel me now)

We also tried their chili choco lava cake and I tried their hot chocolate drink because I’m just a sucker for hot chocolate, hehe. The chili choco lava cake was ok and very surprising and unique as well. It does tastes good but I think you should eat it moderately lest you incur the wrath of whatever chili substance they placed in there. Their hot chocolate was ok as well, but as soon as I tasted the chocolate fondue, I kinda forgot my hot chocolate, hehe.

Chili Choco Lava Cake

Hot Choco

Momo Cafe

Momo Cafe is located in the Ayala Triangle Gardens. What really stood out for me was their Green Mango Shake and it was effin delicious and really tall. Their cheesecakes were nice as well and I am kinda salivating while I am writing this (and I am off to our ref to find some food). I kinda forgot the name of the cheesecakes so I will henceforth name them Cheesecake 1 and 2.

Green Mango Shake

Cheesecake No 1

Cheesecake No 2

Sango! The Burger Master


Sango! is located at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. It is a japanese themed burger restaurant (yes, please help me connect burgers and japanese stuff) where there are round the clock (or til their closing time) japanese music playing in the background and lots of mangas you can read so manga lovers might enjoy staying here.

I tried their Master Cheese Burger (served with fries) which is veeery big and filling. You might want to share this with someone as I did waved the white flag to this burger. Their burger has a special meat sauce which kinda tastes like chili con carne (hehe). The patty is quite juicy and tasty. It’s ok but I don’t find myself craving for this one in the future.

Master Cheese Burger

Master Cheese Burger – Actual

Stackers Burger Cafe


This restaurant has one of the best milkshakes ever. Period.

Best Milkshake Ever!!!!!11111oneoneoneone

They also have delicious breakfasts that are to die for that if a branch would open near the office, I would be there every morning.

Now who wouldn’t have an appetite for this breakfast?

Actually we ordered individual meals (mine was the special burger i forgot whatsitsname), but just because they really look delish, we ordered one which is as pictured above. Since we have one waffle for each person, we had an impromptu design-your-own-breakfast contest and my turned out like below.

Do you think I have a future in plating?                      If yes, key in IDOL<space>YES<space>yourmessage<space>^__^ and drop it in dropboxes near you with your proof of purchase. If no, just do the same as yes.

Stackers is located at the top floor of Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila.

Batangus Grill

Batangus Grill

This restaurant is included in the Top Ten list of Steaks in Manila in so I think you can refer more to that list if you want a more professional review. I am not that knowledgeable in steaks (or anything for that matter, haha) but I did quite enjoy their food and learned a thing or two about steaks, especially the difference between well done, medium well, medium rare and all those stuff that people blabber about when eating steaks (I finally understood what they are for!).


We ordered the Solomillo which was for sharing for three persons and it was good! Their beef was tasty and their veggies were crispy and fresh. They also serve mushroom gravy with their steak but I preferred the A1 steak sauce. Also, I suggest you order mashed potato as your side dish as their mashed potato is creamy and tasty as well.


Kaya di ako pumapayat e. Hahahaha!


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