Posted by: Oliver Lee | April 8, 2012

De farm

So even if I wasn’t able to go to a beach this lenten break, I still was able to have a very nice vacation. ( I still want to go to the beach <insert whine face here>)

Last Thursday, I joined my parents and my sister on their overnight stay on our family friend’s resthouse /farm somewhere on a mountain in Dasmariñas, Cavite. I still don’t know exactly where it is, haha. All i know is that after we arrived, my brain and butt have been quite juggled with all the rough road that we took to get there.

At first, I wasn’t really that enthusiastic going with them because I know that electricity is limited on the farm. I am on monitor duty at work so I need my laptop to be constantly charged. Luckily, the generator has already been installed so I have like 2-3 hours in the morning and in the evening to charge my devices. Also, it is very fortunate that there were no issues while I was there because I might have found myself rolling from the mountain to the highway just to get a ride back to the office, haha.

As soon as we arrived at the farm, we had our lunch and I am very happy that we did because I wasn’t able to have breakfast back at home. I only had time to shower and pack my things. And I was like sleeping on  the whole trip because I stayed way too late the night before playing video games, haha.

After lunch I went into photography mode with my phone since I have nothing else to do, haha. The only activities that I had in the farm was sleeping, eating, more sleeping, more eating, and taking pictures. Oh, and did I say sleeping and eating? =p

I took all photos below using my phone because I am too stupid to use a DSLR. Also, because I don’t have a DSLR. And I have no money to buy me a DSLR. And all the reasons I just said are all true, hahaha!

Click the pictures to embiggen.


The House

Panoramic View of the Fields

Pineapple Fields Forever

Sineguelas (Spanish Plum, yes I googled the english name. The hell would I know? hahaha)

Make a wish! (Not the foundation)

Twilight (not the cheesy vampire stuff)

After some time, we all went out and took a drive to Tagaytay. We were supposed to eat at some restaurant, and I forgot the name of that restaurant, but it was already full and they were not taking any reservations. So we went on a roadtrip and just ate at the first restaurant that we will pass by which was Amoroma Restaurant.

It’s an authentic Italian restaurant somewhere along Calamba Road in Tagayaty (I think, please just google it). Anyway, as soon as we arrived, a table was already cleared and we settled in. The restaurant was also full that time and only 5 people were serving/cooking/cleaning that time. Sad to say, we waited for like an eternity before our food was served. In fairness to the restaurant, they know that their service is very abysmal that time so they kept giving us free bread as they told us that they are really understaffed that day. I wasn’t able to take pictures of our food as I was really very hungry, haha. Anyway, here are some of the pictures that I took  inside the restaurant.

Amoroma Ristorante Italiano

Cheese! CHEESE!

Tohmeytoh, Tohmahtoh

They make some DAMN FINE BREAD!

After eating, we went straight back home and had our good night sleep.

I woke up very early the next day which did not surprise me. I usually wake up very early when I am in another place. Also, since this is a farm, people here usually wake up at around 5 to 6 AM in the morning, so this is kinda like normal. As soon as I woke up, I had my breakfast and then I slept again. No kidding. =p

Good Morning!

As soon as I woke up again, this time at around 10AM, I think, I walked around a little bit and helped out in preparing our lunch for the day. Helped out = tasting and eating the food that they are preparing.


Roasted Tail of Spanish Mackerel (In Filipino, inihaw na buntot ng Tanigue, haha)

Shrimp Kebab and Green Mangoes

i cannot think of a unique caption, sorry

same here, haha

After eating, I went around the farm again and took some more pictures.

Becky (ihavenoideawhyhernameisBeckysodontask)

Mr Goat

Some tree (isuckatcaptions)


Day and Night

And before the night fully sets in, we all went home after a stopover dinner at a restaurant in Dasmariñas where I failed to took photos because my phone was out of juice. Anyway, below is a slideshow of all the pictures that I took from our vacation. Hope you had a good vacation too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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