Posted by: Oliver Lee | December 7, 2011

Para Kanino ka Gumigising?

Thinking of a good entry for Gasoline Dude’s contest, there is one thing that I really would want to do that I have thought of doing, but never had the idea or the right theme to go along with it. This is to ask people about a certain question and learn different insights or interpretations with their answer. With the theme “gasoline” in mind, one question popped into my head that served as my platform to go along with this:

 “Para kanino ka gumigising?”

A line being used by a coffee company for their adverts (your marketing recall is working guys!). In more ways than one, we have often asked this question to ourselves (or is it just me?). What makes you run? What makes your brain tick? What is your gasoline to get you through the whole day?

Personally, if I will ask myself this question, my answers would be random at best. To the most cliché ones (for family and loved ones), to self-serving (I need a new TV, a PS3 [these reasons are currently true]), to the most logical one (so I won’t be late). I would never give a definite answer and would always change every time you will ask me about it.

Seeing as I would not wind up with a good answer at best (I swear I will never be good at this), and seeing as I am not a good philosophical/inspirational/opinion writer, I asked my officemates as to what their answer will be when poised with the same question. And I grilled them about it (ako na masamang tao, alam ko na yun):

JC: Well, gumigising ako kasi may mga pangarap pa ko para sa sarili ko at para sa mga mahal ko sa buhay.

I think, and she agreed with me, that this would be the automatic answer that everyone will give when given the question. We both agreed that subconsciously, there is a much deeper answer than this.

FM: Sa Diyos. Kasi it’s all about Him.

I asked her about this and gave a follow-up question of how about the atheists? Wouldn’t this exclude them from this notion?

I really did not push on with those questions, but I asked all the same, as I really do not like religious or faith based debates. Also, seeing as I am not an atheist, I really would not have much that input on this topic. We just agreed that her answer is more of a personal one and, again, that there is a deeper answers that can be a common ground for all.

I am not a good investigative blogger. Or something to that effect.

JD: Para sa trabaho. Para di ako malate. Pag weekends, para maabutan ko yung inaabangan kong palabas sa TV.

Personally, I think I would give this answer. A logical one. An answer that would not make me use any of my cerebral functions (sorry JD).

But if you would really think about it, isn’t this its most basic answer? Most days, especially week days, the idea that would pop up is that we need to get up so we wouldn’t be late. As soon as we wake up, we check our alarm clocks and see what time it is so we can get additional 10 minutes of sleep (even if IT IS time to wake up) or check whether we slept 30 minutes more for that additional 10 minutes we asked for.

RD: I’m 90% just going with the flow. and 10% just hoping that things will get better the next day. in short, I don’t have a reason, I just go with the flow and make the most of what’s there.

If I would use my cerebral functions, this would be my answer. Normally, I am more of a “what to do for the day” guy, but oddly enough the quote above is usually what happens. Go with what happens around you and try to get through the day and hope for the better.

We may have different opinions or takes on how to tackle this question (I would still go for self-fulfillment as the base answer for this one), but I think, and I think you would agree with me, that what matters is how we live our lives. Even if we have a goal, an alarming and evident reason, a principle that we choose to live by, or just getting through the day, what matters is how we choose to live our lives and how we make the best and most out of it.

“A good life is expensive. There is something cheaper, but it is not life.”

–          Joey de Leon


This is my entry for Gasoline Dude’s Blogversary Writing Contest with the “gasoline” of winning a 1TB Portable Hard Drive, hahahaha.



  1. Ako gumigising kasi masama naman kung hindi na ako magigising.

  2. ^ LOL

    Goodluck po.

  3. just the same as the other gumigising ako para sa pmilya ko at msama nman tlga kung di kn magising
    good luck

  4. What fuels me??? Money! LOL hahaha. The thought of celebrating life for one more day. Para dun ako gumigising/

    • Actually ako din Money, hahaha.
      Hindi ka sumipot nung umuwi si Jepoy! =p

  5. Wow napatanong din ako sa sarili ko hahah!
    I must agree, there’s a deeper answer ln that question. I would answer for my baby inside my womb, but yes, i feel there’s more to it, much deeper 🙂 and maybe we’re not there yet. More years or even decades to live before we can finally answer that 🙂 but for now, my reasons today are more than enough to keep me going 🙂

    Pinatulan ko daw ng comment haha! Ito yata pinakaserious post mo pero ang sarap pa rin basahin, nice one again! Goodluck, hope you’ll win!:)

    • nagcomment ka, hindi na ako aasang manalo, hahaha.
      Kelangan pala mabait ako sayo ngayon at buntis ka =p

  6. After more than a month of reading and putting scores on each entry, FINALLY! Check my blog for the list of winners. Salamat sa paglahok at pagsuporta sa aking munting patimpalak. 🙂

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