Posted by: Oliver Lee | January 17, 2011

stoopid people are stoopid

I was supposed to go on a hiatus for a month but something struck my chord. I wasn’t supposed to write, or for a more accurate note, was restraining myself, about something that happened yesterday out of friendship. I wasn’t aware of the whole picture and the gravitas of it all but I just got all the events and pieces together, it would be STUPID of me to ignore this. I need my self-respect and self-importance, but not as generously as others give themselves. Not because someone’s kissing your ass doesn’t mean we all have to.

I actually even asked the opinion, more likely permission, to write about this. I really don’t do that as this blog is my own but that I felt that out of friendship and respect, that would be the last straw I have to offer. I don’t really get that angry easily, I am easily appeased as well (I think), but I can also unleash my own HELL if I have to. I just don’t air it like a self-important bastard.

I like to believe that in a circle of friends, you can constantly rib each other and tell jokes and make a good laugh out of it. Sometimes you are the butt of jokes and sometimes you deliver. You would know each other well because you have been friends. Hell, you’re almost family. You just went out of different wombs, but you still treat each other as brothers and sisters. Especially when you have been friends for years. And more especially when you have been through hell together and have been there in time of need.  You’d think you’d know each other. Maybe I missed the memo or did things changed along with the zodiac signs?

 It’s ok to vent out your anger to friends. Share to them stories about your bad day and all. But never act for someone else’s anger. I don’t even meddle when my friends fight. Hell, when I had a girlfriend I’d let her fight her own fight, no matter how serious it was. Why the hell would I comment on something I have no knowledge about? No one has the right to give his/her opinion in a situation you are not a part of, especially when you don’t personally know who that someone is. Just because you have an ‘idea’ of what happened doesn’t mean you know ‘what’ happened. Never include and/or invite yourself in something you are not a part of. It makes you stupid.

This may sound a little hypocritical… ok it is hypocritical, when I said that I don’t air my issues when I am posting this on my blog. But on this blog, I control who gives their opinion. For the regular readers that I have (if I have them), you would have noticed that I have long abandoned the idea of posting new posts on my wall. I figured that not everyone wants to read the piece of shit that I write. That said, not all people can see this as this is not on a social networking site. You have to WANT to be here and read this than slapping this on your social networking site’s news feed and forcing it in your faces for everyone to know.

But then again I’m stupid. The hell I care.



  1. panalo ang last line!!!! Alabet!

    “…Not all people can see this as this is not on a social networking site. You have to WANT to be here and read this than slapping this on your social networking site’s news feed and forcing it in your faces for everyone to know…”

    • skipread, last line lang binasa, haha.
      Oi, kita tayo bago ka umalis, yes?

  2. Ang puso baka kumawala sa rib cage mo. haha. Napapa-ingles ka na, tsk tsk, malalim ang pinaghuhugutan. =)

    • at anong meron sa latest post? hahaha

      • nakow wala yun. alam mo namang malanding froglet lang ako. hihi

      • sows… parang may sequel pa e, haha

  3. alabet…Ngayon ka nga lang ulit nagpost.hehehe!!!Chill lang.Anlamig ng panahon pinapainit ng ulo mo.Joke…Smile.Papanget ka nyan.hehehe!!!

    • onga… inaamag na tong blog ko, haha. maghahasik na uli ako ng lagim sa mga bahay-bahay nyo, mwahahaha

  4. wow! you english your post, mehn! and because of this your post, i bet your pwet that “stupid love” is your favorite sound music, ‘no? hahahaha just chill like chili peppers. yeah.

    • hindi ka nagbabasa… susan africa na kaya… hahaha

  5. relax brod… relax…

    • Kuya Chingoy! Miss ko na ung Pandan Tea something…. kelan at saan kayo uli magbubukas?

  6. OKAYmay kagalit si Oliver!!!! More more more!

    • sira! haha. 1st and last post na to about that

  7. I smell blood! 🙂 Hehehehe!

    I love your fierceness. Pero relax ka lang. Masyado pa maaga ang taon para mahayblad. Chill!

    • asan? haha
      relax na ko nyan. ok na. tama na yan

  8. Chill lang. Langhapin ang hanging-amihan. Haha. Parang ang lalim ng pinaghugutan at sagad sagad sa buto ang inglisan. Haha. Parang gusto ko tuloy malaman kung ano nangyari. Sige na, ako na chismosong epal dito. Haha. Nakikiepal lang.

    • haha. hindi na, ok na yan. galing sa baul ang pinaghugutan, haha.

  9. uhm english kaya hnd ko sure kung naintindihan ko ng tama. hahaha. relax olli. pakiramdam ko galit ka eh. natuwa ako sa post mo kasi may kiss at may ass. haha.

    • hindi ako galit… im calms you know! haha
      sus, alam ko naman basta may kiss at ass natutuwa ka kaagad, =p

  10. wahahahahahaha parang U-blog lang…. ganun na ganun sila dun, kaya ang sarap mang sopla bwahahahahaha

    smile ka lang kuya…. :))

    • ganun ba sila? haha,
      pero mas panalo ung mga post mo sa u-blog =p

  11. Yun oh nagaangst! hehehehhehe… Malamig pa naman ngayon pero ang init init ng ulo… lol… Palamig ka muna… hehehehehhe

    • wow angst talaga? =p
      ang init na nga uli e.

  12. oooh. parang mali ata ako ng pinuntahan na blog. jk, nanibago ata ako. haha. smile ka na lang kuya, chill lang. :))

    • wag kang magalala, back to regular programming tayo, tatapusin ko lang ung project ko, haha

  13. tulad ni yow, ‘di ko rin alam kung naiintindihan ko ‘to ng tama. hahaha! mahina ako sa ingles at halos duguan na ko dito. :)) sana ok na after mong mailabas dito. hihihi. more entries pa po! 😀

    • kinopy paste ko lang to, hahaha

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