Posted by: Oliver Lee | September 3, 2010

The “Coron, Palawan” Adventure – Day 2

Read Day 1 here.

Ok, for those wondering, we got our roundtrip tickets at P1809/pax all-in. But I would not include this on the computation. I believe you can get a much lower price than this. And I hope you didn’t develop eye cancer from seeing me half-naked in one of the pictures on my Day 1 post, hahaha. So lets go ahead with Day 2, shall we?


We woke up at around 6:30 in the morning and breakfast was promptly served at 7:00 AM right at the area in front of our room. We were served danggit and fried egg for our breakfast.

Breakfast is served

Breakfast is served



After our hearty breakfast, we were told that the bangkero would fetch us at around 8:30. Actually, Kuya Jhun arranged to get us a bangkero since we want to go island hopping do-it-yourself style. As soon as the bangkero arrived, we went to the market and buy some food for lunch and merienda. We bought liempo, hotdogs, salted eggs, tomatoes, bread (cheese bread, loaf bread and another-specialty-bread-I-forgot-whatists-name), sandwich spreads, softdrinks, water, ice, soy sauce, calamansi, red pepper, coal,  banana, plates, spoon and fork. Whew! Fun part is, none of us knew how to buy or properly inspect the things that we bought off the market. So this is another first for all of us. =p



At the bakery

At the bakery

As soon as we were all set, we headed straight to the port to load our things on our boat. Before boarding, Kuya Jhun arrived on his motorcycle to make sure that we were ok and instructed the bangkero the islands where we can go, as well as to ensure that our schedule was jam packed with all the islands that we can visit in a day. I am now starting to believe that he has installed CCTV cameras on strategic locations in Coron just to make sure we are ok, hehe.

When we were about to depart, we found out that there is another kuya bangkero who would join us on our trip. And for easy storytelling, let’s name them Mario Bangkero – Original Bangkero and Luigi Bangkero – Asst Bangkero. So, Mario Bangkero was the one who accompanied us on our market stroll and we only met Luigi Bangkero on the boat when we were about to depart. Fun part is, as per our calculations, we only bought enough for our group and Mario Bangkero. We did not account Luigi Bangkero on our food budget. We decided that some of us would just eat bread or share a cup of rice so we can accomodate Luigi Bangkero. During our trip, we then realized that Mario Bangkero was our tour guide, explaining the history and story about the islands that we visit. Luigi Bangkero, on the other hand, would be the caretaker of our ride as well as the one who will cook and prepare our lunch.

Snaps from the port of Coron and boat ride to our first island



Siete Pecados is a snorkeling area composed of 7 islets. Words would never describe the wonderful adventure that we experienced here.

Luckily, we have an underwater camera! Marvel my nooby video editing capabilities (I only know how to place overlay texts, hehe)!:

Siete Pecados Video 1

Siete Pecados Video 2, with Kooya Keem

However, the trip didn’t go without a snag as Jan experienced a minor injury. Well, this is how the sweethearts Jan and Apple show their affection for each other. Tough Love.

A romantic moment for Jan and Apple


Ok, the title does not really say island, but I assure you the lake is in the heart of the island. Wow, I sounded like I’ve just been to the “island” of LOST, hehe. Anyway, this lake is the cleanest, most beautiful lake that I have ever seen in my whole life. This place really goes to the top of my you-should-visit-this-place-before-you-die list, if I ever had one.

To get to the lake, you need to climb up some steps (fortunately, not that high as Mt Tapyas) and then downhill to get to the lake. There is also a cave at the top of the hill that you have to climb to get to the lake but we didn’t enter it, as it was not advised and it was too steep to enter.

Trek To Kayangan Lake

And we are honored with the presence and wisdom of our friend, Kooya Keem. Sorry for the audio, my bad. You might want to turn up the volume or something.

Kayangan Lake with Kooya Keem

So after swimming at Kayangan Lake, we took some pictures at the cave at the top of the hill.

Cave at Kayangan Lake

Cave at Kayangan Lake

Group Pic fronting the Cave

Group Pic fronting the Cave

Me in front of the cave

Me in front of the cave


Next stop on our itinerary was Beach 91. We really didn’t swim around here but we had our lunch here as there are cottages in the beach. Still, as always, the view is amazing and the beach was so beautiful. We failed to get a video here at Beach 91 as we were all hungry. And we also failed to take a picture of what we ate.

Remember the food problem we had earlier? Turns out, we really did over-budget on our food and there was more than enough for the whole group. Not only that all of us were really, really full, we still have leftovers for merienda. We also haven’t opened the breads and sandwich spreads. Nice!

Anyway, here are some pics that we took at Beach 91.

Beach 91

A part of the island where Beach 91 is located. Located just a little further from our cottage.



Airene with the view in front of our cottage

Airene with the view in front of our cottage

The Rock! Behind is the cottage where we had our lunch

The Rock/Ice Crusher! Behind is the cottage where we had our lunch

Would you believe that Kuya Jhun showed up moments after we had our lunch? Now, I really believe he had CCTV cameras installed around the island, hehe. Turns out that her daughter and her daughter’s friends were in vacation mode also so he and her wife decided to tag along to have some family time. He visited us on our cottage and spent some time with us. He asked us how our trip was going, shared some stories about his personal experiences at Coron (talk about holding the door of their 6-seater plane so they can land safely!) and he and her wife’s love story, hehe.

As much as we want to bum around the beach, we need to get going as we still had 3 destinations to go.


Our next stop was the CYC Island. This is one of the two islands that we went to that has no fees. We really didn’t anchor on the island itself. We snorkeled a little around the area but there were no fishes. Mario Bangkero relayed to us that some time ago, when Coron was not yet fully discovered, a big ship siphoned off the sand in the island which made the island small. True enough, some of the trees in the island have their roots exposed.

We weren’t able to take some pictures as we really didn’t stay that long here. I think after five minutes, we went straight to our next destination.


This again is one of those destinations that should be on you you-should-visit-this-place-before-you-die list. Unfortunately, the battery of our underwater camera is already empty so we didn’t manage to capture images and videos inside the lagoon. Hey, maybe this would mystify you and tempt you more to go to Coron, yes?

However, we did take a video before entering the lagoon and here is Kooya Keem:

Kooya Keem at Twin/Blue Lagoon

See where we were and to the direction we were pointing at? We had to swim that distance to reach the lagoon! Luckily, there are boats around so we can pull ourselves faster to the lagoon. For a non-swimmer like me, I really conquered my fear of deep waters here (provided I have a snorkel and life vest, hehe). You see, the water of the area where we were was really deep blue in color. I tried to check if I can see the ocean floor using the snorkle gear that I had but all I saw was the deep royal blue color of the water.

We did spend a lot of time here and met/chat some few good people also taking in the beauty of the place.

As much as we wanted to stay some more, it was time to go to our last island destination.


Like in CYC, we paid no entrance fees for this island. We did not anchor on the island itself. There were a lot of corals but there were no fishes around the area. Well, anyway, here is another Kooya Keem video for you:

Kooya Keem at Twin Peaks

So we just stayed in the area to have our merienda on the boat. Also we renamed the place to Twin Pees. Don’t ask.


After our island hopping adventure, we headed back to the port and walked our way to the pension house. After washing up, we headed outside to find a restaurant where we can have dinner.

I will discuss that on my next post as we spent the last days of our vacation in Coron on food, gambling and booze!

Day 2 Photos will be uploaded on my FB account so just add me up.


BOAT – P1500 / 5 = P300

Siete Pecados = P100
Kayangan Lake = P200
Beach 91 = P100
Twin Lagoon = P100
Twin Peaks = FREE

DAY 2 TOTAL = P1096.8

Day 1 Total = P1940
Day 2 Total = P1096.8
GRAND TOTAL =  P3036.8



  1. kumpleto sa kwento. ang ganda naman! napapaisip na ‘ko kung kelan kaya ako mapapasyal dyan! 😀 salamat sa breakdown of expenses. 😀

    • welcome! may dagdag pa yan, gagawin ko ung last post mga sunday siguro, hehe.

  2. na impress ako sa price, medyo mura sya! I was under the impression the pag pumunta ng Coron eh super expensive than Puerto Princessa. Walang food na pang locals? Yung mga pinag kakain nyo eh magagawa nyo din sa Manila eh…

    • hmmm.. may mga recommended na local restaurants sa Smiles in-flight magazine, dun kami nagbase kung saan kami kakain ng dinner.
      Kung local food dish, wala kaming nakita/encounter or nabasa about it. However, Coron is famous for their Cashew Nuts so we went sa isang house na famous sa kanilang mga cashew nuts to the point na nafeature sila sa ating local tv at living asia channel.
      BTW, ung tinuluyan pala naming pension house is nafeature sa living asia channel. Dun din kasi sila nagstay. Isshow ata nila ung Coron Special nila by December.

  3. Maraming salamat napaka-helpful at informative dahil may breakdown ng gastusin at least makakapagbudget kami in a major way..

    • maraming salamat. hehe.
      sana makatulong kung balak nyo pumunta dyan. actually, kulang pa yan, di ko lang matapos tapos ung part 3. pero puro pagkain at alkohol lang naman un, at least ung basic gastos e included na dyan.

  4. 3 k for that kinda fun? not bad—actually, understatement yun—good deal na yan. iba talaga pag group, nakakatipid ka na , subrang saya pa lalo kung makukulit mga kasama mo.naks—travel lang ng travel ha.ikaw na ang byahero

    • matagal na kasing plano yan. hehe. nagulat nga din ako actually na ganun lang ung nagastos namin. pero di pa kasama dyan ung food and alcohol, basic gastos lang yan.

  5. ganda ng place lee!

    • yes, punta na at iupdate ang thebackpackboy! kelan ba tayo uli magkitakita? haha

  6. ang yaman ni kuya oliver wooot. hehehehe
    wala lang.
    gustong gusto ko makapunta jan.

    kelangan ko na magkatrabaho.
    at kelangan ko rin ng kaibigan na maisasama sa mga ganyang lakwatsa. syempre yung may pera rin dapat. di ko kayang manlibre haha

    • nagipon lang po =p. lahat ng pwedeng higpitan hinigpitan para makalayas lang hehe.
      may malakas akong kutob na magkikita kita tayo in the not so near future, =p

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