Posted by: Oliver Lee | July 18, 2010

The “Binondo Food Trip” Adventure Version 2.0

So here I am again going on another stupid food trip at Binondo. Our previous trip can be found here.

So without further ado, here is another:


The usual suspects (Me, Ann and Zaide) are now accompanied by Maanne, my highschool classmate/bestfriend, to whom I promised to tag along when we do this food trip again. She’s gonna have one hell of a time (literally) starting late this year and the whole year next year since she’s a graduating attorney-to-be so you better study up or Imma punch you in the face so we tagged her along. I might need your free services in the future (kelangan ko ng libreng notaryo, hahaha). No pressure, eh?

So we met at SM Manila at 1PM. Well, 1pm for Zaide, 130 for me, 145 for Maanne and 200 for Ann. Yep, we’re that punctual. After meeting up and trading the usual insults and tirades, we went ahead and rode a jeep going to Divisoria and made para (wow, so conotic lang hahaha) at Qunitin Paredes St.

We talked about some of the restaurants that we have read in the internet, as well as those restaurants that we passed on our first food trip here that we promised to ourselves to go back to. We decided to start our trip from where we were going down to Benavidez street since, as per last time, it was the farthest that we could go during our food trips.We decided to go to Quicksnaxx which is the nearest as to where we were (we were at the corner of Quintin Paredes and Yuchengco St). Quicksnaxx is located somewhere in the middle of Carvajal Street which is famous as somewhat of a small wet market or talipapa. We already passed by this restaurant during our first food trip, but we did not enter said establishment since we were already full that time and we already set restaurants that we will visit. Also, we have read online that they serve one of the best halo-halos in town so we decided to sample some for ourselves. Good timing too, it was really effing hot that time. Someone up there must have placed me under a magnifying glass.

QuickSnaxx Menu

The QuickSnaxx Menu

So after some walking and looking at store signs, we found the restaurant that we were looking for. We weren’t able to get a picture of the front of the store, so sorry ’bout that. We kinda raced to get inside to take advantage of their air-con. But you wouldn’t get lost looking for the place as it has a prominent sign upfront.

As suggested, we sampled the halo-halo which costs around P80 while Maanne decided to go adventurous and sampled the Guinumis (a coconut milk with crushed ice beverage) which costs around P50.

I Am Halo-halo

I Am Halo-Halo

I Am Guinumis

I Am Guinumis

Ice Cream!

I thought it was talking to me and shouting "Eat Me!"

As soon as I saw the halo-halo, my mouth watered literally. It was like all the heat that we experienced earlier dissipated away (yabang, dissipated. galing ng synonyms). As you can see, it is literally full to the brim and the ice cream on top was like OMFG. Naturally, especially for people as clumsy as I am, mixing this thing is a task. It’s a tedious one. Luckily, I was able to do it with minimal spills (I made sure not even a teensy drop of ice cream will fall outside of my cup/glass/vase/whatever-the-hell-that-thing-is-called).

What I liked about the halo-halo was that it wasn’t very sweet like it was mixed with a diabetic’s blood (Hear that famous Chinese restaurant?!). It didn’t need any sugar, or if it has one, I didn’t notice it. It wasn’t a halo-halo where the parts that should be ice was sugar instead.  It was sweet, yes, but the right amount of sweetness. It wouldn’t kill your tastebuds with sugar that you’d go for days and you still think you still have sugar laminated in your tongue. It was mixed with the usual beans and gulaman and stuff and it blended well. However, it wasn’t something that I think I would crave for, but its not that bad either.

Needless to say, our halo-halo was also served with milk. Zaide, after eating/drinking some of his halo-halo (he was 1/4 on his way to emptying his halo-halo) remembered that he was lactose intolerant. Genius.

I also sampled some of Maanne’s Guinumis, but for a more accurate assessment, let’s hear it straight from the horse’s piggy’s mouth snout:

Not the authentic guinumis from bicol where you can have it in different flavors though and the ice isnt as fine as expected but it way okay. I like that the gulaman is chewy, but I don’t eat sago so I can’t have any say on that.

As usual, we had our camwhore moments inside the restaurant so indulge me to stuff your faces with our pictures, hehe.

I conquered this Halo-Halo!

I conquered this Halo-Halo!

Zaide wants to eat the ice cream first

Zaide wants to eat the ice cream first

I'm so good at taking pictures

I'm so good at taking pictures

So after our quick stop at QuickSnaxx (naks!), we decided to go and walk along the famous Yuchengco Street. It was famous for me since this was the street where we got lost the first time we were here, read version 1 why. The reason that we again took this road was because it is where we can find one of the restaurants that sells one of the best fried chickens in the metro as per So, and may I say with a bit of air, without getting lost, we actually found Sincerity Restaurant. We seemed to pass this restaurant as well on our first trip but we were on the look for Dong Bei then so this was out of our list.

Sincerity Restaurant

Sincerity Restaurant

The Sincerity Menu

The Sincerity Menu

We tried their Sincerity Fried Chicken which costs P150 for half a chicken. We didn’t order much since some of us are still feeling a bit stuffed so light orders only. So after waiting a few minutes, our order was served.

Sincerity Fried Chicken

Sincerity Fried Chicken

The sauce that was served to us was only tomato ketchup. I assumed there was some chili sauce available but we weren’t given any.

Anyway, as soon as we tasted it, I must admit that it was out of this world. We tried to guess what was the ingredients that made it so tasty and here was how the conversation went:

Me: Chili stuff or something. Chili powder?

Ann: Some salt & pepper?

Maanne: Hint of lemongrass?

Zaide: Chicken.

We all agreed as to what Zaide said.

Anyway, the chicken breading that they used was really very, very good. It didn’t taste like any chicken breading mixes available in the market or any of those fried chickens found on our fast foods. It has a really unique taste and I would certainly ask for more. I think we could have ordered another plate if it wasn’t for the fact that we are on a food trip and we should reserve some space for our next restaurant. I would certainly look forward to eating here again and sampling some of the chicken dishes that they have to offer. And yes, now with rice.

Anyway, some camwhore moments again. Yes, it’s a requirement that I stuff your face with our pictures while reading this.

Zaide and Maanne

Zaide and Maanne

Nyeh and Ann

Nyeh and Ann

After our fried chicken adventure, we decided to go to Benavidez street. But then again, what is a food trip with me without getting lost?! Yep, our second time and we still got lost. Google maps (gee, I need like a fee here for promoting google maps everytime I go on a trip) again saved our lives. Also, Maanne’s charm, haha. She asked the bystanders for directions to Benavidez street when we realized us four cannot read a map properly.

Wan Chai Restaurant

Wan Chai Restaurant

As soon as we arrived at Benavidez street, we decided between Wan Chai restaurant and Masuki Noodle House. They’re like almost in front of each other. Since Ann was the one who read up on both these restaurants, we let her decide which restaurant to go to. She decided to go to Wan Chai. Next time Masuki, maybe?

We were served hot tea as soon as we sat and was handed the menu. We had a hard time choosing what to eat as Zaide wants to go adventurous with our food. I let them choose what to eat as I have no idea what to order and I also don’t want to be blamed if what I ordered suck. In the end, Maanne ordered Steamed Hakau and Kuchay Dumplings and Minced Pork and Shrimp Roll and Ann ordered Radish Cake with XO sauce as she followed the recommendation of the waiter that attended to us.

Hakaw (Shrimp Dumplings)

Hakaw (Shrimp Dumplings)

Kuchay Dumplings

Kuchay Dumplings

Minced Pork and Shrimp Roll

Minced Pork and Shrimp Roll

Radish Cake with XO Sauce

Radish Cake with XO Sauce

The Hakaw and Kuchay Dumplings were immediately served as we ordered them and they were quite ok. For the Hakaw Dumplings,  the shrimp was juicy and it was quite fine. The Kuchay dumplings, well, I can’t help but compare them with the Kuchay Dumplings from Dong Bei and Dong Bei still is the winner. And the Dong Bei ones smells better too.

The expectations that I  had with the Radish Cake with XO sauce wasn’t met. Well for starters, the waiter said that it was quite spicy but I never felt any spice from said food. Actually, Maanne, Ann, and I agreed that it tasted like Hopia Dice. The sauce was too sweet for me, I had enough after some servings. Ann enjoyed the dish though.

I enjoyed the last dish most. I might be responsible for eating half of one the Minced Pork and Shrimp Rolls, hehe. The blend of pork and shrimp was quite good. I dunno how they made it, I think the shrimp and the minced pork  was steamed and then it was quick fried. It was quite delicious and I will order this again if I ever get the chance to visit the restaurant on another time.

And some camwhore moments before we end our food trip.

Zaide and Ann

Zaide and Ann

Maanne and Me

Maanne and Me

This is a must on all Chinese Restaurants. I can empty one pot in one sitting.

This is a must on all Chinese Restaurants. I can empty one pot in one sitting.


And that’s it for our food trip adventure this weekend.  And the total cost for the food trip would be:

Quicksnaxx: 3 x P80 (Halo-Halo) + 1 x P50 (Guinumis) = P290 | P72.50 per person

Sincerity Restaurant: Half Sincerity Fried Chicken = P150 | P37.50 per person

Wan Chai Restaurant:  Hakaw = P65 | Kuchay Dumplings = P80 | Radish Cake with XO Sauce = P109 | Minced Pork and Shrimp Rolls = P210

P65 + P80 + P109 + P210 = P464 | P116 per person


Happy Eating!



  1. Not bad, delicous but not expensive! I’ll try that resto when I get back home.

    Kailangan english?hahahhaa

    Mukhang masarap yan at mukhang available din yan sa chowking. Dapat nagchowking na lang kayo!LOLS! Joke !

    Although di ako mahilig sa chinese food (dahil ma seafoods sila) eh mukhang masarap naman yan kaya susubukan ko pag uwi ko! Sama kita basta sagot mo pamasahe ko (galing ako baguio bro)!Joke lang!

    Ingat parekoy

    • Ambilis a, hehe. Kakapost ko pa lang.
      kelangan daw english e, =p
      Parang mas mahal pa ung pamasahe kesa dun sa food trip a, haha.
      Nakakamiss na din magfood trip sa Baguio. Miss ko na ung sizzling haus na kinainan namin saka ung pizza sa may Baden Powell Inn.
      Ingat din parekoy!

  2. ay hindi ko na natext yung mga pwede pang puntahan..
    sana next time sama na ako. 😦

    eto dapat yung mga pupuntahan:
    > ung egg tart na masarap sa ongpin 🙂
    > ung estero fast food
    > ung budhha sa may gilid ng minimart
    > ung pagawaan ng masarap na cocoa 😀
    > holland hopia
    > wai ying resto (na may super laking serving ng noodles)
    > sugar cane juice na buy 1 take 1 pag last two days of the month
    > mini shabu-shabu
    > ung spa na may picture ng paa na may mata ilong bibig
    > ung sinaunang tea house na puro matatanda ang nagttsaa

    sana may next time pa taz makasama na kami ni maam jen.. T.T

    • onga sayang di ka nakasama. nagvideoke pa naman kami after…. =p

    • masarap nga daw sa estero, nakita ko nadin sa TV un eh 😀 don’t worry sol may part 3 pa yan hehehe 😉

      • si ann ang magaayos ng part three

  3. ang haba kya pix lng tinignan ko ahaha… shetness kkgutom! gusto q ng ice cream huhuhu

    • skipreading, haha.
      hala, sige, magpakagutom ka.

  4. Nakakapanlaway yung halohalo! At may breakdown talaga ng expenses ahihihi

    • syempre, haha. para makatulong baka may magfoodtrip din. at least may idea na sila.

  5. ayan pala yung nasa stat mo nuon..sayang gust ko sana sumama kasi hindi pa ako nakapunta ng binondo at may hinahanap akong lugar dun. hehehe..

    saya sana

    • kaw e, hehe. di sana hinanap natin

  6. bena, hey, taga-d’yan college classmate ko hehe. sincerity? naalala ko tuloy mga chinese shops ganyan sila mag-paregister sa SEC ng business names he-he. uy guinumis. siguro kung ‘di umipek ang spice ng radish cake sa ‘yo, sa akin spicy na ‘yun. at ang mura per head ng total ha. kudos sa lamon acumen n’yo.

    • pramis walang kaspice spice ung radish cake. Mukha lang syang spicy.
      Kung spicy yung dish, I think Ann wouldn’t have liked it.

  7. CHe! Di ka nag yayaya!

    • oh, may wordpress ka?
      utot mo, nagmsg ako sayo sa facebook. tapos tnxt pa kita, dba?
      sabi ko ayain mo si glentot.

  8. namiss ko yung hakaw!! *drools*

    takte anu lasa nung kuchay dumpling???/di ko maimagine.

    • ok naman. pero mas masarap pa dun ung kuchay dumplings sa dong bei.

  9. good article, I like it

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