Posted by: Oliver Lee | July 9, 2010

i hate people who can draw

well, not actually hate. envious. my stupid hands cant even write legibly.

if there were no computers or typewriters or any of those inventions that helps in writing, the number of available job options for me will be very very low.

when i was in school, i was always delegated to cutting cartolina/manila paper. and i also suck at it. so when they found out,  i was always the one who needs to study up and understand the topic so i can explain it to them. my hands seldomly graced a manila paper for a visual aid.

yeah, so i envy people that can draw (that includes you andoyman! i just saw your deviant page). i cant even properly draw a stick man. if i attempt to draw one, it would look like a squiggly sperm cell.

when God showered drawing talents, or make it art talents, i might have been in a place where there was terrible El Niño.

I saw this tumblr site some time ago and i had been following this tumblr ever since i saw it. I liked the drawings that he leaves at restaurants where he dined. I just dunno if the waiters keep it as their tips as per his description on why he leaves drawings on tissue papers. But this is the first time i browsed his entire tumblr site. read it from start to finish. i found out that he has two other sites, a deviant and a personal one.

and when i opened those sites, it dawned on me. God really really hates me to have this crappy hands.

Got this from Sir Elbetor's deviant site. Click picture to go to his Deviant Page.

Sir Elbertor, whoever you are, i really really hate you, damn you, why did you exist you are one talented person and i really really admire your work. i love your marvel/dc superhero drawings on your gallery on deviantart. lets swap hands, ill give you 1 strawberry potchi, yes?



  1. bakit nga kaya masarap mag-english kapag nasa ganyang mood ka, ‘no? hwahehehe

    • e kasi e…. tapos nakita ko ung mga drawing mo sa deviantart….
      tsk…tsk… may utang ka sakin, hahaha

      • anong utang? word ba ‘yon? :))

      • ha! bahala ka, documented ung pag-oo mo, hehe. may ebidems ako.
        dali, gagawin kong banner un e, =p

  2. tsktsk and you hate me pala di ko alam yun ha -_-

    • hindi naman. dpat asa calibre ka nina andoyman, haha

  3. Don’t remind me!

    Even those people who’d excel in graphic design, cartoons or what have you’s are wicked and I wish them dead. Joke!

    bitter mode.

    Nakakahawa ang pag eenglish mo. Na nosebleed me!

    • finally! may kakampi na ako, ahhaa

  4. Ako rin madalas mainggit sa mga magagaling magdrowing kung marunong lang ako gagawin kong comic strip ang blog kong boring.

    • yes, another kindred spirit!
      ako din, mas maiinterpret ko siguro ng maayos ung mga asa utak ko kung marunong akong magdrawing.
      at hindi boring ung blog mo no, haha.

  5. magaling nga si andoyman! tapos si glentot pahumble effect (hanggaleng galeng kaya nya magdrawing ng monsters!!) LOL!

    • ikaw din, isa ka pang magaling magdrawing, hehe.
      ill send my picture greeting over the weekend, =p

  6. nosebleed?! bye!


    ako i hate people hu can sing! kaka insecure! 🙂

    • biglang bye? haha. ill send din my picture greeting to you over the weekend.

      • tenx oliver. appreciate much 🙂

    • biglang bye? haha. ill send din my picture greeting to you over the weekend.

  7. alam mo kasi kuya…
    lahat naman tayo marunong magdrawing…
    may iba lang kasi talagang magaling

    pero maniwala ka, marunong talaga tayong magdrawing…

    baka nadadaan sa praktis at inspirasyon…

    • un nga, nkakainggit ung mga magagaling magdrawing. Wala talaga akong kamay dyan sa kung anoanong art na yan.
      Isa ka pa palang magaling magdrawing, hehe.

  8. there’s always more to one’s talent. i suggest you read stories about van gogh. ganda ng bio n’ya.

    • di ba sya ung nagputol ng tenga?

  9. may goodness. ..sinisipon na nga ilong ko pinadugo mo pa..hahaha

    nwei salamat at may nkilala akong mgaling mgdrawing sa link mo..bwahahaha..

    ikaw din oli inaanyayahan kita sumali sa contest sa blog ko..bwahahahaha..bwala tumanggi ok? salamat

    • pareho tayo, sinisipon din ako haha.
      ung contest mo naman padrawing e, haha. gusto mo ba ng sperm cell cockroaches? =p

  10. magaling din ako magdrawing’ haha…. pero nung bata pa ako.
    di ko talaga siguro hilig kaya di ko na nagagawa. masubukan nga minsan : D

    • hmmm, andaming blogistang magaling magdrawing a.
      Papalitan ko na ba link mo sa blogroll ko?

  11. I hate them as well, putulin na ang mga kamay nila!hahah! joke lang!

    Parekoy add kita sa blogroll ko ha!ingat at maraming salamat din sa pagdalaw sa kwarto!Ingat!

    • wow idol! hehe. salamat sa pagbisita! At salamat din sa pagadd. Na-add na din kita sa blogroll ko.
      marami na tayong kindred spirits na pinagkaitan ng talento sa pagguhit, =p

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