Posted by: Oliver Lee | June 14, 2010

KaffeRazzo – Small Place, Big Taste

Last Saturday, I and some bloggers were invited for the opening of Sir Chingoy‘s coffee shop, KaffeRazzo.

KaffeRazzo - Small Place, Big Taste


KaffeRazzo is a small coffee shop located along Aurora Boulevard just after UERM hospital. The place, though small (KaffeRazzo is a play on the word kapiraso which means “a small piece”), is armed with delicious foods and very refreshing drinks. Serving not only the usual Hot and Cold drinks, they also serve their own original concoctions as well (I forgot to try the Go Nuts Choc-nut drink. Gotta go back for this). What sets this place apart from other coffee shops aside from their very unique and their invigorating drinks is that they also serve hearty pasta’s and rice meals that are heavy on taste but light on the pocket.

As usual, I was late for the said event because I fell asleep (Hapontukin much, hehe) and Jepoy didn’t reply to my message in FB (Hmp!). Since I was only a ride away from the area, I hailed a jeep going to UERM to get to Sir Chingoy’s place. After arriving at UERM, I walked a little further and found KaffeRazzo. Aside from the illuminated sign of the coffee shop, guess who I first saw that confirmed I was on the right place.

Jepoy at KaffeRazzo

The very adorable Jepoy. Tinalo si Jollibee. Ikaw na!

After meeting some of the bloggers taking a yosi break outside, I entered the coffee shop and was greeted by Sir Chingoy himself and invited me to sample some of the foods that they serve in their coffee shop. There were a lot of bloggers that were present in the event and it’s my first time to meet ALL of them. I was a bit shy to take a picture of my food since I was the only one eating and they were all taking pictures using their DSLR’s. As you all know, I only have my trusty phone so for the rest of the pictures here, I kinda grabbed their photos that they posted on FB (credits later I promise). I kinda forgot to take notes too so Imma do my best to remember the names of the food that I tasted.

Mongolian Rice Bowl

This rice bowl is out of this world!

I forgot the name

This one's tasty!

Since I don’t drink coffee, the friendly “ate” staff offered me some cold drinks to go with my food. I opted for melon shake and it was the very best melon shake that I tasted (Nahiya akong mag-round 2, kaya tinipid ko sya). Glentot said that Kuya Chingoy’s Chocolate Frappucino was better than Starbucks so I must try that some time (but priority on the Choc-nut one, it sounds promising).

Kuya Chingoy, thank you for the invite and the sumptuous treat! Congratulations as well and I wish you all the luck and success for KaffeRazzo. I will bring some of my friends sometime and make another post for your coffee shop.

KaffeRazzo is open every day (I forgot the time, 9AM – 9PM ba Kuya Chingoy?) and they deliver if you are within the area (02) 517-5673.

Location Map

Map to KaffeRazzo. Click to enlarge

Credits: Photos – taken from Jaypee’s and Anton’s Facebook Photo Albums.
Map – from Google Maps.



  1. naks naman ollie…

    salamat salamat… 🙂

    • NP ser, anytime. Pramis, babalik kami dyan. =)

  2. Aylayket. Hahhaha. Lalo na akong na excite, promise mag mimini date kami ni asawa dito. hahaha!

    • Haha, oo. Tapos pagdating nyo ni Roanne dito tayo tatambay =)

  3. baket ako my picture dito, yuck ang laki laki ng tyan. Lapastangan! Hindi ka nag paalam, talk to my lawyer on the next days to come….

    • opkors because ur sikat!

  4. lee, dalhin mo kami dito one time, mukhang masarap ang food! hehe 🙂

    • oo, punta tayo minsan. Mura lang dito, pramis.

  5. Hihihi effort sa mapa!!!! Ang galing ah eto talaga ang helpful na post about kaffe razzo hindi gaya nung sakin hahaha

    • Skrinshot ni Google maps, haha.
      Ang gaganda nga nung pictues na kinuha mo e. Ang kulit nung picture ni Sir Chingoy na tumatawa, =p
      Hindi mo niupload ung pictures na kinuha mo sa FB?

  6. saan yan? mabisita nga! LOL. at tlgang c jepoy ang binandera ha. hehehe

    • Oo, panghatak ng customer yan.

  7. sabi ko naman diba—talaga papatuk to kasi yung mascot panalo. the next best thing after Jollibee. combination daw ni Jollibee at Crystala sabi ni

    at kung samin ang photo credit–ikaw na ang may best blog post—me google map na, me slide video pa. multi-media ba to? hehe

    • Jollibee + Kristala = Jepoy? WTF! haha
      E kasi wala akong pictures e, kaya cinompile ko na lang ung photos nyo in a slideshow.
      Tapos ung dyaskeng sattelite view ng google maps may clouds kaya road map na lang ginamit ko.

  8. ang galing naman. halos lahat na ng blog na mapuntahan ko may ganitong entry, ang galing!

    tuwang-tuwa ako sa picture ni kuya jepoy! wahahahahaha! sige na siya na si jollibee. hakhak!

    lagot kaaaa….

    • Panghatak ng customer yan. Ibig sabihin masarap talaga, hehe.

  9. award-winning ang post ng brainsparks kinabog ang kay jepoy na 3rd runner up LANG! silver medalist ang kay glentot for good photography and humor. sa yo na ang gold dahil pinagtatatanong ko silang lahat saan yang hinayupak na kaffe na yan eh walang sumasagot sa kin. galit? medyo LOL. amazing may map pa! functional!

    • haha, maraming salamat.
      lagot ka kay jepoy at glentot, hehe.

    • at nagchange ka na pala ng URL. Update ko link mo. Kamtutinkofit, i should update my blogroll.

  10. waaa halos lht ng mapunthan is about d eb…nagpapainggit tlga ow ow.. pupuntahan o din yang kaffe razzo pag uwi ko! ahahha..

    • haha, yes, paguwi mo kelangan mong bisitahin si Sir Chingoy.

  11. ayus updated na ang blogroll! thanks.

  12. isa na namang kaffe razzo…ok so ulitin ko na naman ” talagang pupunta ako ng kaffe razzo sa july” wahaha…sama tayo!! hehe

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