Posted by: Oliver Lee | April 21, 2010

The “Binondo Food Trip” Adventure

(50th post, Wohoo! Hehehe =p)

So basically, this would be like a huge lamon powers post, so let’s get it on!


Zaide, Ann and I decided to meet up at SM Manila round 1030am to start our Binondo walkathon/foodtrip that has long been planned (long = 2 days. See, plans-at-a-snap almost always goes through).

We hailed a jeep going to Divisoria and disembarked (barko?) at San Lorenzo Church at Quintin Paredes Street. We had a list of which restaurants to go but we only have the slightest idea of where they are located. Meaning, we only know the street, but we don’t know the exact address. The list we had is compiled based on our research on the Internet of where to eat within our allocated budget. The budget we had allocated for this trip is P500 each.

Our first stop is the very famous Dong Bei Dumplings. We had read a lot of good reviews regarding this restaurant and I must say that we really enjoyed their food. It was really very delicious and super worth your money.

However, we got lost (and we are using Google Maps, and I was the one reading the map thru my phone. I WAS THE ONE READING THE MAP BY GOOGLE! They freakin’ trusted me reading the map. Me, Oliver!) looking for this restaurant. After walking for about 30 – 45 minutes, we decided to go back where we came from and just try the other side of the street, or another restaurant. After a long walk, we found the freakin restaurant. We just realized it was a stone’s throw away from where we were standing before we started walking. So next time, even if I have the map, you know who to trust, wokey?

Actually (blaming time, hahaha) the reason we got lost is because they renamed the street from Nueva to Yuchengco. When we arrived, ate dumpling maker (I forgot your name, sorry!) told us that there is a habit of renaming the street they were in. So just in case you want to go to their place, their exact address is:


Front of the restaurant. See that glass with the Chinese characters, THAT is the door. I spent like a minute figuring out where the door is. Yeah, so may tanga lang na kasama sa trip na ito.

As soon as we settled in, Ate Dumpling Maker (ADM) showed us the menu. ADM is very, very nice. She was patient with our questions, since we didn’t know what to order. She suggested we try the mixed plate of pork dumplings and chives dumplings. P100 for 14 pieces, so 7 pieces chives and 7 pieces pork. Then we also added Fried Bean Curd for P150.

Order up!

Haha, here is their menu WHICH we understood.

After a little wait, our food has arrived, and it was really, really worth it:

Steaming HOT! The Dumplings that has some green are the Chives Dumplings.

Yummy Dumplings Sauce

TOFU! Fried Bean Curd in special sauce. It has a stuffing (In my description, it was like tofu burger, ehhe) which is very, very delicious. I think it is the same stuffing that they put in their dumplings, but I’m not very sure about that.

Perfect combination


Devouring those deliciously insane foods, the damage in our pockets was P250, excluding soda. Pocket damage is 62.50 excluding drinks. Very, very, worth your money. So after eating and paying up, the camwhores decided to take some pictures while I figure out where to go next.

Zaideng namboboso while I’m looking for our next destination.

Mala MMK lang, hehe

Dumplings in the making

After their little camwhore moment, we decided to go back to Quintin Paredes and try out the very famous lumpia of “New Po Heng Lumpia House. The restaurant is located along Qunitin Paredes and inside Uy Su Bin Building. Once you are in the corner of Quintin Paredes and Ongpin, just go left and look at the right side of the street to see the building.

So we ordered three lumpias, costing us P45 each. We have read a lot about their lumpia and it would be a shame not to try it on our first food trip here. After some minutes, the lumpias arrived and it was really, really, effing delicious.

Lumpia Guru

Oh yeah!

Super Yum!

This lumpia was very awesome I don’t know where to begin, haha. It has some veggies in it and I can’t figure out the grainy sweet thing that I tasted. If it was sugar or peanut butter (I’m quite sure thought that it is not peanut butter so I bet on sugar), I dunno. Haha. But what I do know is that it was very, very delicious and a must-try when you go here. So after eating, some camwhore moments again for the two while I do my assignment of where to go next.

The Price List in case you want to try their soups.

Inside the resto. I think the people on the far left are the owners.

After getting some rest and stuff, we decided to go to the infamous estero to try out the soups at “Ang Tunay na Beefhouse” (ATNB). The only landmark that we have is that it is in Ongpin and near an estero, so genious diba?

Anyway, we decided to pass by the alley just across New Po-Heng (ooh, a landmark! There is an alley right across the building entrance). The alley is like a wet market and you can find lots of fruits, seafood stuff for sale, and restaurants. We read a review about a delicious halo-halo being served in this alley (we saw the restaurant actually) but decided to give up on it (FOR NOW!) as we were really, really full (yeah, that’s just the dumplings and lumpia. MEMO TO SELF: Bring an extra stomach.). Well, we still decided to have fun and take some pictures.

At the alley


I dunno what these are but they really look delicious. Wasn’t able to give it a try since we were full already. I SHALL RETURN (and eat you)!

Sea Cucumber (and whatever it is you’re thinking, that too)

And here are some shots taken too at Ongpin Street.

At the Arch

Praying Area at Ongpin. Almost everyone who passes here, utter a small prayer and knocks at the cross. You can also light an incense and place it in the pot at the center.

Oliver: ‘”Santino Mode”
Girl in White: “Ilayo nyo po ako sa katabi ko.”

At a charms store

After locating the very famous famous estero, (after the archway, just across the bridge, at the left is the row of restaurants) we decided to enter the alley and look for ATNB. Said resto is near the very end of the street. We thought it was closed since most of the restaurants were closed for the day. So after successfully locating their doors, we requested a table for three and the menu.

Since it was our first time, we weren’t very familiar with the items that they offer. The ate on the left was kind enough to explain the types of beef soups that we have since we really were not familiar on the types of beef soups that they serve.

As it turns out:

Kienchi Soup = Beef soup with meat from the “hita” part.

Chowto = Beef soup with “bone marrow”

Kamto = Beef soup mixed with meat and, mostly, beef fat.

Mixed = All three above mixed together (this one I think I got the meaning by myself, hehe).

Since I still wanna go home, I scratched Kamto from my options. I’m not a fan of beef marrow, so that leaves Kienchi as my option. I wasn’t able to try the Beef Noodle Soup (which was the highly recommended one) as I was really very full still from what we ate earlier. For me, I would just like to try their beef soups to see how “beefy” the restaurant is. I expected that their name was just a play that they serve beef stuff. Or that the soup would just taste like broth cubes. But I was very, very, very, dead wrong. It was very beefy, very delicious, and very, very well done. Their name really speak for themselves.

See that beef? Very,very beef!

Looks simple, TASTES AWESOME!

It was a small serving, but it was very much worth it. If you look at it, you’ll think that the price tag of P95 is a little expensive, but if you taste it, I assure you it wouldn’t bother you at all (wonder if they place some amnesiac in there, haha). And if you notice, not much food pictures taken from ATNB. If you read my blog regularly, you know what it means, haha.

I wonder where “Ang Pekeng Beef House” is and how their soups taste.

After devouring that super delicious soup, we called it a day since we don’t think we can take food anymore, no matter how delicious they are. So all-in-all, the damage was:

Dongbei = P250 / 3 = P62.50
New Po-Heng = P45
ATNB = P95

TOTAL = 202.50

Let’s round it off to P300 assuming you ordered soda for each meal and you still have some change! I am very looking forward for the part two of our Binondo Food Trip.


Ooh, here are some pics that the camwhores took on our trip. Happy Eating!



  1. Wow, you guys met at SM Manila? Are you sure we didn’t we meet cos I’m always around that place, dun lang ako sa may Mapua. Haha! Oh and I love yung mga biglaan plano!

    At aba, naging Yuchengco Street na yang Nueva, pagmamay-ari na ng mga Yuchengco ba? Na may ari rin ng RCBC, Mapua, Prudential at kung anu-ano pa? Gahaman! LOL.

    Sabi ng nanay ko, sobrang daming masasarap na pagkain dyan sa Binondo. Tapos yung mga resto dyan eh hindi soshalan. Sobrang laid back lang daw kasi mga Chinese. Tamang ichurang kainan lang pero masasarap tlga mga pagkain.

    Buti walang nanguha ng mga camera nyo! Gusto kong mahanap dyan sa Binondo yung masasarap nilang Chicken. Di kasi ako ganun kahilig sa Chinese Food. Basta masasarap kasi mga chicken ng chinese!

    Nice post, nag enjoy ako. Haha! Halata naman sa haba ng comment ko diba?

    • Sayang, bakit di mo sinabi? Magpapalibre sana ako sayo, tsk!
      Salamat naman at nagenjoy ka. Mag-gutuman na lang tayo sa posts. Nakakagutom ung mga pics sa post mo e, haha.

      • Mukhang inggitan lang nangyayari satin dito eh. Haha! Sabihin mo sakin kapag nakahanap ka na ng masarap na lutong manok dyan sa Binondo. Uusisain ko kagad!

  2. Oh my Gawd you like so sasyal on your entry so taglishing me huh.

    Anyhu mamabu (corny) na try ko na yung dumpling house na yan at kaya ako nakakain dyan dahil naligaw lang ako sa ongpin kakahanap ng Bangkok pills, wtf!

    Nice pictures, nag photowalk ata kaya dyan ah… Sa susunod sama nyo naman me hihihi epal lang…

    • Yeah, so like my ilong makes dugo and i’m so hilo after writing this noh.
      Sige, sige, libre mo ha? hehe. Joke lang. Pero lam ko pang TGIF at Starbucks ang tiyan mo kaya dapat sa sosyal na lugar, hehe.
      Teka, bakit ka naghahanap ng Bangkok Pills? Para san un?

      • Kasi merong kumukuha sa akin na maging contestant ng Ginoong Pilipinas ang sabi mag brief lang daw ako, so kamusta naman diba ang taba taba ko kaya, that was the reason nag hahanap ako noon.

        Pero hindi na tuloy kasi I love my self ahahaha

        Joke lang lahat yun! TSE

  3. wehh… this is where (New Po Heng Lumpia House) we ordered lumpia for one new year’s celebration we had a few years back…. not mistaken, our first new year at Nagtahan, when we had all Chinese take-aways, and we ordered from restos at Chinatown.

    • Hindi ko alam. Ginampanan ko lang ang responsibilidad ko noon na kumain, ahhaha.

  4. We shall return…haha yan ang masasabi lee, kainan natin lahat ng di natin nakainan next time!! 😉

    • basta, biglaan uli, haha. ibang set ng restaurant naman, unless may gusto kayong balikan.

      • madami! yung cafe mezzanine, Quick Snaxx, yung Waiying, Wanchai at Masuki noodle house etc hahaha 😀

  5. Nice post! Actually, I love this post. Pwede ka nang maging tour guide.

    Love ko ang post mo na ito coz’ it’s very informative kaya (taglish na rin?).

    Next time I go home I’ll make sure to drag my kuya and friends para sa isang Binondo food trip–at syempre pupuntahan ko itong mga suggested resto mo.

    Bigla tuloy akong nagutom.

    • Yey, thank you Mommy Ayie!
      Ung sa Palawan ko na post kasi dati (nung naka blogger pa ako) e english ung day 1 tapos tagalog ung day 2. E may mga porenger pala na nagbabasa. So para makatulong e english n lang.
      Tamang nag-epistaxis lang ako after kong magsulat, haha.

  6. gosto ko ng Chinese foodtrip katulad nyan!! 😀

    • Gosto mo talaga Apple?
      Sa susunod kasi sasama kayo, heheeh

  7. hay syempre maiinggit kami, no? eto nga at inggitero na ko. sana malapit lang ako dyan sa manila nang matapos na ang kabaliwan ko sa mall. bagamat di ako mahilig sa dumpling at fresh lumpia, mukha namang katakam-takam yung nilamon nyo. nag-intramuros food trip na ba kayo? or any area near it?

    • Hmm, Intramuros, parang 4 years of food trip na ata nagawa namin. PLM kasi kme e, hehe. Although, nakakamiss din naman ung mga kinakainan namin dati.
      Magiisip pa kami ng ibang area na pwedeng pag foodtripan pero most likely baka Binondo uli kasi masyadong madaming resto dun na pwedeng puntahan na swak sa budget.


    ang tindi mang-inggit!

    • sure. hala, di kaya maging super grand eb to pag nagkataon? haha

  9. lintek taga dun ka pala. ok ganito. capitol pasig — yung street na may Charlie’s Burger and Car Wash tapos ilang meters away eh may vintage canteen at kung anu-ano pa. Malapit s’ya sa Pioneer. check out my food blog (aba meron pala ako?) yup ilang buwan na rin akong inactive dun pero dahil sa blog na to eh na-inspire akong i-post uli ang mga lamon powers on and off ko. my food blog:

    • sige, ittry ko yan. at gagawin kong guide ang blog mo na yan for future endeavors haha.

  10. hahaha hangkyut namn ni xG…at congrats dahil sa wakas nkuha mo n ang pinakaaasam mong t-shirt bagay ngang ipaframe yan hehehe…

    npadaan ng unang beses…

    • Dapat ata e sa latest post to, at hindi ako marunong magmove ng comments, hehe.
      Maraming salamt sa pagdaan, sana mapadaan ka pa ng maraming beses!

  11. […] olyabut Adventure, Food, Friends Binondo, Food trip, Quicksnaxx, Sincerity Restaurant, Wan Chai Restaurant Leave a comment So here I am again going on another stupid food trip at Binondo. Our previous trip can be found here. […]

  12. kagagaling ko lang diyan kanina sa dong bei. Na inspire ako nung nabasa ko itong blog niyo. Kaso tinake out ko lang kasi kakagaling ko lang sa MASUKI mami at siopao. Kabusog. Sa SM Manila food court ko kinain yung take out na mixed kuchay and pork dumpling. Si ADM siya ang nag asikaso sa akin kanina. Hehehehehe….

    • maraming salamat, hehe. yes, mabait si ADM, todo explain talaga kung ano ung laman nung dumplings nila, saka sanay na ata siya na kinukuhanan ng picture kapag gumagawa ng dumpling. Image model nila, naks! hehe.

      • nung kumain ako meron sa kabilang table pinicturean din ang kinain nila.
        Mga college studes ata.

        Mukhang gagawa din ng review

        Babalik ako binondo. Sarap e.

  13. I am convincing my “barkadas” to also visit Binondo (Manila Chinatown) kaya lang its a hard sell dahil ang impression eh marumi ang environment. Yun ngang sa Coron, i’m having a hard time sa pag-pplano dahil i want to make tipid on accomodation so i’m thinking of booking us where u guys stayed instead of where my other buddies like , which is Majika Resort. Ang mahal !!! halos doble ang gastos. Back to Binondo, hindi ba maputik ang mga kalye lalo na ngayon tag-ulan? wala ba sa inyong sumakit ang tiyan? lol also, i found a binondo food tour recommending some of the resto u guys visited. i might have to combine his and your recommendation on places to visit. I’ll keep on visiting your blog, if u don’t mind. Ito kasi ang basis ko to convice my friends to go my way… mas mura and it won’t break the bank… para may matira pa kaming pera and go somewhere else, like … anilao. sorry 4 the long post. 🙂

    • its a big market so medyo madumi, pero hindi naman ganun kadumi. hindi naman sya katulad ng quiapo na sobrang crowded pero hindi naman ganun kapristine sa linis tulad ng, let’s say, high street. typical street lang sya, i suggest let them see the images scattered in the web for them to get the idea. arte much? hahaha
      wala namang sumakit ang tiyan. i wouldnt post it here kung may nagkaganoon samin.

  14. You are very funny! Congrats! 😛

  15. miss ko ang foodtrip dito

  16. thanks for the info at mga tips bro. More post sana ng kagaya nito. Must try Syarapp.

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