Posted by: Oliver Lee | April 4, 2010

Gift of Speech

The Philippine Institute for the Deaf (PID), the premier oral school in the country, held its annual recital at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at RCBC Plaza, Makati last Tuesday, March 30.

Wizard of Oz

Ran by Sergia Esguerra Memorial Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, the PID help indigent deaf kids who have auditory impediment on how to express themselves orally as well as instill in them confidence to integrate into today’s society. Every year, the students perform at the RCBC Auditorium at Makati to showcase their acting, dancing, singing, and speaking skills. Even though placed in such a situation, the students do not let this become a hindrance in expressing themselves.

To help raise funds for the scholarship of the kids, “The Wizard of Oz” is staged this year under the helm of Ms Cherry Esguerra-Brock, a stage actress, ballerina, and former CCP ballet scholar. With special guests Nikki Gil, Rita Iringan, Lloyd Samartino, Carmen Soriano, Anna Periquet and Larry Iguidez, the night’s event was a resounding success.

To learn more about PID, you may visit their online site here.

To get in touch on how you can help, or for more information, click here.


Ok above just sounded like a news article, hehe.

First of all, thank you Marianne for inviting me and Noel (btw, they are the people responsible for celebrating my bday, haha). You did a great job and your kinder students were great! So, shall we be calling you director next year instead of stage master? hehe

With what I witnessed, I can say that they are very great performers. The kids acting as munchkins were cute and hilarious. And the kid acting as Toto was a laugh trip, real kid humor. Also, the kids performing as Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow were good. Dorothy (sorry I forgot your real name) was a real good dancer, even though she can’t properly hear the audio! And the surprise part that evening was that the girl playing Dorothy was given a full ballet scholarship by Ms Anna Periquet. To those not in the know, Ms Anna Periquet and Mr Larry Iguidez are Latin dance sport champions not only in the country but in international competitions as well.

Anyway, here are some pics:

Wizard, Wizard’s chauffer, Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion

Flying Monkeys and the Wicked Witch

The Munchkins!

The group dancing with the people of Emerald City.

Nikki Gil (yeah, yeah, the picture ain’t that good).

Whole cast together with the teachers.


Pagkatapos dumugo ng ilong nyo e, balahuraan naman.

Joke lang, hehe. Aktuwali after kumanta ni Nikki Gil e nagtweet sya about it. E makapal ang mukha ko, kaya nagreply ako sa tweet nya. At in fairness e nagreply sya sakin, haha. Dahil dun, crush ko na siya!

Maligayang Itlog sa inyong lahat!



  1. interesting 🙂

    they should do more of this… have you also heard of “DINIG SANA KITA?” maganda rin yun (though di ko pa napanuod), but not shown in cinema… sa mga schools lang ung showing. search for the schedules in the internet, try mo 🙂

    • they do it every year. Siguro in the future i’ll try to announce here para makapunta ung mga interested.
      i haven’t heard of it. i’ll check on that one.

  2. nice post lee, this time may sense talaga siya (kasi puro kalokohan mga past posts mo, yung iba naman eh EMO haha), nakatulong kapa! hehe 😛

    • yabang mo a, hehe. Sige nga, kelan ung mga emo post? Bigay ko na sau ung kalokohan, hehe.

      • Yung nakakawindang na invisible post mo, na pag hindi pa hinighlight eh hindi mababasa =))

    • Hindi emo si lee… HINDEEEE!

      • @Ann:
        oi kasalanan mo un no. Kaya nga may warning at disclaimer e. Wag mo kong sisihin kasi makulit ka at finigureout mo kung pano mababasa, haha.

  3. — ano dw? pag di hinighlight ay hndi mbbsa? ayiiee. ang chismosa ko hahahahah.

    and yeah, npaka interesting nito, may naalala lng ako, ung musical play nmin nung hs, may special kids ding ksma pero di din naman nging hadlang un. 🙂

    • may post kasi ako na pag hindi mo sya hinighlight, hindi mo sya mababasa.
      Emo post kasi un, kaya read at your own risk, haha. Bawal akong sisihin kung pipilitin mong basahin, =p

  4. i heard yung bayad dapat kay nikki gil that night, dinonate nalang nya sa philippine institute for the deaf. talented na, may puso pa!

    • wow, i didn’t know that. Basta ang ganda nya, haha.
      Talented, may puso, and beautiful!
      Thanks po for the visit!

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