Posted by: Oliver Lee | April 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Brainsparks!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have been fooling myself for a year, literally, figuratively, and insert-your-word-here-ly. I started this thing because, well, haha… Also, because I have a lot of time in my hands (THAT is what I like to think). It never occurred to me that it has been a year already (thanks Angeline for the visit and reminding me, haha. Ooh, and linking you as requested.) I just also realized that it was April Fool’s Day of 2009 that I first published my post. I think I went out too far with this one, haha.

Seriously, I really have no faith in myself that I would be able to continue this blogsite like what it is right now. If you will be reading my first post and the “about me” page it was very pessimistic that it would live this long. I was giving myself a month or two before I start to give up on this site. I had no idea what to write here. I mean, seriously, I have no ingenious, unique and very interesting thought I could write about. I am not one of those gifted people who can talk and write about something and make it interesting for the reader (Ako ay may bato, malaki at bilugan ito. Sa ulo mo ipupukol, meron ka nang malaking bukol. Ang bato, bow!). I cannot express humor with the likes of those humor blog sites that are already in the blogosphere. That being said, I don’t know the theme/topic/ideas that I should cover or how my writing should be. I even had difficulties whether I would write this site in English or Filipino. And I don’t want to write emo stuff here (which I think was a rule I broke, haha). Not that I hate it, but it’s already like 75% of what you stumble upon on the Internet, I don’t want to add up to that (scratch that). Thanks to Jasper ( and L.A. ( I managed to have the cajones to hold on to this one (they were the first to comment, someone reads the crap I write!).

And with those thoughts, I formulated my rules on what to write here: No restrictions, no censorship, no rules. Write what I like, what I want, and how I want it. And yes, I can say fuck you if I want too, haha!

Luckily, I had the Palawan adventures (part 1, part 2, and part 3) to talk about (God, I miss Palawan, see you again in August!). Now my site had content. Then come along our Baler adventure which started our surfing addiction. And if you would notice the next two posts that I had, I really, really had no idea then what to talk about. I was grasping for ideas for the audience (I like to think that someone reads this crap). Youtube was a life saver.

I even switched from blogger to wordpress as my word processor (take a lucky guess what it is) has a good connection (read as not complicated) with WP.

Then the adventures started again with our Baguio-La Union getaway (part 1, part 2, and part 3) and our Zambales trip (part 1 and part 2), which had a repeat on November of last year. I was not able to write about that repeat as I was busy last December what with my birthday (which I really had no plan of celebrating, thanks guys for celebrating it with me even if I didn’t want to!) and Sachi’s day. Then we had some office stuff to do on the holidays of December, so tough luck for me. And the rest of the adventures follow suit.

Re-reading just what I wrote, I realized I didn’t run out of ideas to share. I hope you like the crap that you are reading here, whoever/whatever/however you are. Hey, don’t forget to leave your comments on the posts that you read. They are very much appreciated!

And again, after a year, may Oliver never run out of ideas to post so this one never dies.



  1. yeheyy! first tym hir! tpos 1rst yr bday u! den base p aq! wat a lucky meh!! nyahaha at 22o dhl d2 naaliw aq kya nman add kta ha?:)

    ntwa aq dhl ung ikw hnd ngsusulat ng emo s bahay q nman puro emoterang babae ang mbbsaa u!(wel d nmn plge, mostly lng)hahah..

    keep on writing! 🙂

    • salamat po, inadd na din kita, hehe.
      May sablay ata akong isa o dalawang post, hehe

      • haha I knew it kc Ksma nmam s buhay ang pag eemo e! heheh. minsan nga LNG my sumusobra. at aq un! nyahahah

  2. Wow happy first birthday!!!

    • tenkyu! at bumalik ka na! hehehe

  3. Heypibeytday 2 u!!!! Congrats!!!!! 🙂 more more more!!!

    • Tenkyu! Belated din sau!

  4. Happy birthday!! uy, di ko ni-request na i-link mo na naman yung FB ko noh! sabi ko lang i-acknowledge mo ko! (dahil naisip ko yun! haha!)
    well, pano mo iccelebrate ang anniv? ay! di pala pwede, mahal na araw, sa Easter na lang 😀
    April 1st talaga nagumpisa, true enough, puro kalokohan ang laman! haha! TC 😉

    • haha. tenkyu at pinaalala mo sakin. gumagana na naman ang sakit ko sa mga dates na yan, ahah.

  5. Woot! Isang taon ka nang emo! Congrats!

    • may clue naman diba? hehe

  6. happy first birthday! weee!.

    • maraming tenkyu!

  7. happy birthday naman sa blog mo. akalain mo yun pati blog nagbibirthday din.. hakhak!

    salitype lang ng salitype. wag mo na pansinin ang mga readers, hakhak! blog not to impress but to express pare!


    • hehe, pinaalala nga lang po sakin e.
      New term sakin un a, “Salitype” hehe.
      Tenkyu po!

  8. betdey to you.. bertdey to you.. bertdey, bertdey, bertdey to you. lol

    happy birthday sa blog mo! 😀

    • tenkyu!

  9. Happy first! At syempre tinignan ko ang Puerto Princessa trip nyo 😀 Yaman!

    • tenkyu! hay naku, months in the making yang trip na yan.

  10. congrats! 1 year kana nga nageemote hahaha 😛

    • inulit mo lang ung comment ni zaide e, haha.

  11. hey pare congrats!! tanda mo na hihi

    • yey tenkyu! ikaw may kasalanan nito, haha.
      Guys, isa to sa may sala, paabangan nyo na, =p

  12. wow n ka one year n c kuya sana mka tagal rin ako sa blog sphere..haahah 🙂

    • kuya talaga?
      maraming salamat!

  13. Happy! Birth! Day!

    So close na kayo ni Nikki Gil? May pet name na kayo sa isa’t isa? Ito na ba ang simula ng ‘sary’ days nio?

    hahaha! nangungulit na naman.

    Pa add naman ng isa pa


    • medyo (i like to think). bakit dito napunta ung comment re: Nikki Gil? haha
      ok lagay ko po.

  14. huwaw new header level up ka na! congrats sa 1st anniv mo.

    • oo, pnwersa ko ang ate kong gumawa ng header, haha. Maraming salamat!

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