Posted by: Oliver Lee | March 23, 2010

The Sizzling Pepper Steak – Alice in Wonderland Adventure

I think I need to place a patent on “The Insert-where-you-have-been Adventure”.

So after being bullied for a week by Ma-anne, we decided to have our 6th months on the making “need-to-watch-alice” agreement.
I think it was October when we got wind that Alice in Wonderland was announced to be shown March of 2010. I think I signed an “oral” legal and binding contract that I’m gonna watch this film with her and I don’t wanna piss off a lawyer-to-be. Besides, I want to have her services for free in the future, hahaha

So after a little rescheduling and stuff, we met her twin Ro-anne and her HS classmate and our friend Othello and went straight to MOA. The twins weren’t on the same class, Ro-anne and Othello were ahead of us. Cannon fodder always go first, hehe.

After buying some tickets, we decided to catch some grub since we still have an hour before the movie starts. Ma-anne and I (yes, we are bullies when we’re hungry) agreed to eat at Sizzling Pepper Steak since we both have been long wanting to eat there. With trust (when you’re with us, don’t trust) on our navigational skills, we were able to locate said restaurant.

After getting a seat, we checked on their menu and I decided to have their Beef Pepper Rice, as this was the one marked as must-try and a watermelon shake. Their ordering service is unique. They give you a piece of paper with their menu listed there. You just place the number of order you have for your selected food item. Kinda like the ones filled out by the attendants at Jollibee, Mcdo, etc., when the line is long, only you have to do it for yourself (waitaminute, that’s their job!). Also, they have this sign that you flip to “Mooooove” when you need a waiter. No need to raise your hand or throw a fork to the waiter when you need their attention.

So after placing our order, we had a little camwhore moment:

Ro-anne, Othello and Ma-anne

The hungry retards.

So after a century (I’m starting to get used to saying this. Century = so long that I nibbled on their tissues just to suppress my hunger.), our food has arrived. I wasn’t able to take a picture of Ma-anne’s food, well she’s hungry, and I don’t want to get injured. And I didn’t take a picture of that of Ro-anne’s and Othello’s as well, I’m mighty hungry. When the food was served we were instructed to flip the beef over so it gets cooked. It could have been a good experience, but I was hungry, so it wasn’t for me.

Beef Pepper Rice

Paper “shield” around the plate. You have to pour the sauce while the plate is hot. Good thinking.

Food is good by the way, hehe. (Ganda ng food review ko no?)




Oh, alright fine. The beef was tender, the rice was peppery, and the sauce is saucy. Good enough?

So after eating, we rushed to cinema 4 (I think) of MOA. I won’t write a movie review, there’s a lot scattered on the web, google it (nagalit? haha). Loved Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway, hehe.

After the movie, we decided to go home as we cannot stay too late that day. On our way home, we stumbled upon this picture posted on a sport store near the cinemas:

Really guys, this is your best celebratory picture?

Laugh trip.

Oooh, and by the way, this is one of the reasons why I wanted to eat at Sizzling Pepper Steak:

Digs on Lady with the red coat, hehe.



  1. pepper lunch still!

    • Di pa ko nakakakain dun e.
      Next time, eheh, san ba un?

  2. uy may kapangalan pala ako, kala ko unique na ung name ko… hehe 🙂 maganda ung alice? i want!!!

    • Haha, may dash naman ung sa kanya e, so unique pa rin po ung inyo ^__^
      Ung movie, ok lang po. Pwede na. Nakakatuwa si Red Queen saka si White Queen.
      At currently ay naghahanap ako ng list ng ingredients dun sa shrinking solution na ginawa ni White Queen, hehe

  3. there’s a pepper lunch in shang… taralets!

    • Kelan?
      Batchi, I removed ung tags na ginawa natin dun sa picture. Kahit alam kong kalokohan natin pareho un, baka kasi di ka na galangin, haha. Saka sabihin I am not a good friend (which certainly am not, hehe).

  4. Haha katawa yung pic… I mean the tennis players bumping bellies

    • Actually meron pa akong political ads, kaso hindi pa kumpleto. Pag nakumpleto ko na, lalagay ko dito. In the meantime sa tumblr muna sila, haha

  5. natawa ko sa pic nung tennis players!

    Masarap sa pepper lunch, try mo din dun lee 😉

    • Angdami mong name, nalilito na ako.
      pang mayaman daw un e, magiipon muna ako, *hikbi.
      hehe. oi, sumagot ka sa email, anhaba na nung thread

      • may pangbolinao ka nga eh, pang pepper lunch wala? haha nagreply nako kanina..pasalubong nalang ha! 😉

  6. mukhang masarap yung pagkain ah..

    enge naman ako nyan.. enge naman ako nyan..

    • sa sizzling pepper steak po, hehe

  7. Nakalimutan kong mag-aya dyan sa Pepper Steak nung umuwi ako. Hmp. Sa December na lang!

    • Hehe. May isa pa daw po, pepper lunch. Pag kumain kami dun, magppiktyur piktyur din ako para malagay ko dito. ^__^

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