Posted by: Oliver Lee | March 19, 2010


I think I need to re-assess my life.

And I think I need to think about it seriously. And like big-time.

The building blocks of positivity (even if I have one, I know I have a black hole inside me) that I am trying to put up is slowly breaking apart. I have been trying, forcibly at that, to maintain a positive outlook in life, but I don’t think it jives with me. We’re dancing a different tune. Or maybe we are on the same tune, I’m just not that of a dancer.

And the mask you put up might serve others, but not you. A mask can only be presentable on one side, and it’s not the right side that you’re facing.

How funny that the small things that happen in your life are those that really makes you think. Makes you wonder.  The major ones, when they strike, you know things will change. At least you see them coming. Or prepare yourself for whatever the outcome may be. The small ones, they eat you up slowly. You’ll just realize it happened when it’s already over. Too late for the wake-up call.

But one thing ‘s for sure. Whatever the size is of how bad is happening on your life, you’ll start over building again that positive outlook in life. You need to. You got to. Because there’s no other way but to go up.

But I think it’s best to assess first before you start all over again. So the next time it hits you, you know what to expect.




In short, uhhm, wala. Wala akong matinong analogy e. May the force be with you?

Pinakita ko lang sa iyo na kahit papano e marunong akong mag-ingles. Pwede ne be eke se kell zenter?



  1. hi! tnx for joining BNP! ur blog has been posted! u can also vote for ur favorite blogs! d top 5 highest rated will be highlighted n d Hall of Fame 😉

    you can also follow BNP’s tweets at

    • thanks po!

  2. yeiz, pwedeng pwede ka nang mag call centa! Nag nose bleed nga me sa pag eenglish mo!

    • si glentot kasi pauso e, nahahawa tuloy ako, eheh

  3. Talk to my lawyer! (English din yun)

    • Ok. Where is the lawyer of you? hehe

  4. ayoko na. englishan na e. hahahaha.

    • kaya nga sumuko na ako sa dulo e, ehhee. Thanks po for the visit.

  5. Alam mo simple lang ang outlook ko sa buhay para maging positive…

    Lahat ng nangyayri sa akin na masama, darating ang araw, ay pagtatawanan ko na lang. Iboblog ko pa. So yun hindi ako masyado na-dadown…

    • Kala ko darating ang araw, sasamain din sila, hehe

  6. Aba ako pa ang sinisi sa pag-uumEnglish??? Sorry naman ahahaha

    • hawa-hawa na, hehe

  7. ang masasbi ko lng… BRING IT ON!

    • haha. nabbring naman e. backreading? hehe

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