Posted by: Oliver Lee | December 26, 2009

My Day and Xmas

So for those who didn’t greet me, I hate you, hehe.

I really had no plans for my day. The best celebration that I had in mind was to take a leave and sleep as much as I want. That was the best celebration at the top of my list. What I really planned was just to go to work and spend it like any other day.

But my elementary classmates (welcome to my blog!) had a different idea. So aside from the blackmail (emotional and otherwise), I was forced to take a leave.

But before that…..

Day before my day

Since I was on leave on my day, I was forced hosted a little salo-salo at the office. And they bought me ice cream! One FIC (Raspberry Rapture, title pa lang, alam mo ng mahal, haha) and a Sorbetes Buco Melon flavor (yung inaadvertise ni Pokwang) which I like most, haha.

Apple is feeling a little murderous.

This is a ceremonial picture of my “damage”, haha. Ooh, and the ice creams!

Ammahal! Hahahaha

My Day

The day started at 4AM (Oh, yes, I woke up at 4AM , believe it or not) as Noel will pick me up (call boy! Haha) at the gates of our compound at 5AM. Our day started with a mass at St Anthony Church at Quirino where we will meet Marianne. We have no pix, which is ok since I think we were all groggy and sleepy.

After the mass, we went home to meet up and go to MOA to do, well, whatever it is that will come to our stupid minds (or my stupid mind, whatever). Actually, we are to meet at McDo Quirino at 1, but due to some events, I met up with them at MOA at 230PM. We met with Angeline, our balikbayan classmate, haha.

We went to Starbucks so Yan Yan can avail her organizer (congrats! Hehe). What made my day was that they bought me a Blueberry Cheesecake! And a big one!

Yan Yan, Noel and Angeline.

My Blueberry Cheesecake! (I am getting hungry posting this picture) You wouldn’t want to see the picture after this was ravaged by me, haha.

After Starbucks, we were out of activity to do for the day. We decided to go to Rob Place Ermita to play Rock Band, but it was fully booked so we just had dinner at Recipes.

At Recipes

Yan Yan and her pink nails!

Sol joined us at Recipes at Rob Place Ermita (Where are the pix Sol? Haha). My college classmates decided to get together at 7pm at SM Megamall, so me and Sol left Rob at 7, haha. Zaide bought a bag and Sol teached me how to “dance” at Worlds of Fun (I don’t know the name of that arcade machine), and this is the result.







It’s not called “dancing”, it’s tantrums.

Jen was not able to join us at Megamall so Zaide paid for our taxi fare to go to Makati (I was dead tired! Haha). So we met Jen at KFC near her workplace (where Zaide gave his momentous bday gift to me, promise it is on the top of my list) and had some drinks at Chili Peppers. They still wanted to transfer to another venue, but I was dead tired and it was already 230AM, so we all went home at round 3 AM.


To keep this blog updated, I’ll post some pix here of xmas. Mostly of Sachi’s, trying to eat her 1st apple (and was very unsuccessful). Memo: You can’t eat apples without teeth!

Her first apple!


I took a video, it was hilarious, haha. Watch it here.


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