Posted by: Oliver Lee | December 25, 2009

Sachi’s Christening and After-party

First off, Merry Xmas!!!!
Thanks to the Christmas break, I can do this. Pray that I be more masipag to do more posts.

Ok, so this is a bit late. Sachi’s christening happened last Nov. 14, 2009. Zaide was the unofficial photographer for the event (yey Zaide!), so I have lots of pics to share with you! =D
The event was held at San Jose de Trozo Church at Masangkay, Manila.

Zaide and I were late (I think I was the cause, as usual, hehe)

Me and Ella, my niece. We were just playing at the back, haha.

Nakakaloko tawa ni Sachi dito.

Ninong’s and the Ninang’s.

And this is the official photographer, haha.

Ok, after the ceremony, we went straight to Huey Ying Restaurant at SM MOA. Most of the visitors were asked to go here since the traffic to the church wasn’t that nice, place was kinda small, and transpo would be a big headache. Anyway, here are the pics.

Sachi: I have no idea what just happened.

Papa with my ninong’s, who are also my sis’s Godfather in wedding.

Yabut clan

Guests inside the restaurant

The restaurant is a bit cramped inside, but there are a lot of tables outside for the guests.

Me and my Auntie Be.

Another Yabut Clan pic.

Sachi’s tired. Cupcake Giveaways!

Jen and Ann were late. (Jen mukha kang N’avi dito, eheh)

Sol arrived late, hehe. Nagpabakal ata sya nyan e, haha.

I was kinda the official babysitter for Ella that night, hehe.

Ella, Mae-mae and Nicole.

The cupcake with the icing splattered all over, haha.

Me and Ella nicked one of the balloons, =D.

Sachi, Ate and the monsters.

Para may pix naman si Zaide, hehe.

Me and Sachi playing.

The afterparty:

We left the party at around 8-830 I think to watch 2012. The only showing available was the LFS, which was round 11pm so we had so much time on our hands. We went to Powerstation at MOA and Sol unleashed her talents on us, haha.

Ok, all of us who know Sol knows about this already.

But have you seen this,


and this.

And the dance was “dance” (I can only do waves and kicks, you know, tantrums). You can watch her Soopah Dance here.



  1. hahaha natawa ko sa sinabi mo kay jen na mukha ciang Na’Vi dun sa isang pic hehehe…pero oo nga para ciang Na’Vi dun lol

    Panalo si Sol sa dance moves hehehe 😀

    • Balang araw e matatapatan din natin si Sol sa dance moves nya, hehe.

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