Posted by: Oliver Lee | December 21, 2009

The Super Instant Zambales Trip part 2

Before I start, sorry if this took too long. Kinda busy lazy this past few weeks. As I said before, I’ll do my best to put ’em all in here. So to start the day off, we had breakfast at the place where we were staying. Since it’s morning, we didn’t have to wait too long for our food. Food is not that really scrumptious or anything, but it’s ok to get you for the day.


Children, this is what we call a hang-over, hehe.

With ate’ng madaling utangan.

Breakfast time!

Breakfast and FB time.

So after having breakfast, it’s time to hit the waves! The surfing area is not hosted on the resort itself. A 10-minute tricycle ride is needed to go to San Felipe. You can have the people there arrange to have a tricycle to take you there and pick you up after your activity.

Going to San Felipe – me.

Going to San Felipe – Zaide.

Shots on the road – now, if we were doing this by night, and they didn’t have those bags, well….

When we arrived, there was a class ahead of us so we kinda have to wait for an hour for them to finish. I think we were feeling a little generous that we waited for at most an hour 45 before it was our turn. Well, it pays, since we kinda surfed til we can’t anymore and we didn’t have to spend our time with the introductory class. So while waiting, a little photoshoot and some burgers from Burger Queen (Yes! Burger King’s partner is located at Zambales).

At a waiting shed at the beach.

Some guy skimboarding. Nice moves.

Surf board with Jen (Yes, surfboard ang kinunan namin dito)

Zaide can’t surf as he lost his contact lenses. Yey! Ahha

I anticipate the “basag” comments this picture will generate.

First batch of surfers. We sat with them on their classes for Jen’s sake since it’s her first time,

Nagtrip kami ni Zaide, ehhe.

Mga pugee!

Jump shot! (Could someone photoshop this one and remove them others, hehe)

Zaide’s getting better at taking jumpshots!

OK, I took this shot and it’s crap (subject included). I can’t get the hang of it. I kinda had 9 tries and this was the best I can do and Zaide has his tongue literally hanging out from jumping.

Burger Queen! Barbequehan-Bulalohan-Burgeran

The entrance to the beach.

After waiting for some time, it was our turn to hit the surf. And since Zaide can’t surf as his contact lenses are missing, he stayed on the shore and took some pics.

That’s me! (And I kinda don’t know who the others are)
And me again!

And me again!

So now we move on to the boring shots.

That’s Jen.

And Jen again. (If you look slightly to the left this picture is pretty cute, I say)

Akalain mo, di na nakatayo, mandadamay pa!


Cge na nga here are some ride shots ni Jen

1st Ride

Yumayabang na

Antaray na o

Poll Question: Bakit ganito ang bagsak ni Jen? Please use the comment box below for your responses.

After surfing (with matching kagat-labi)

Jen and July (her instructor). Poll Question related fact: May sinabi ung instructor nya in relation to our poll question. Ano un?

So after surfing, we headed back to the resort to shower and prepare to check-out. The tricycle drivers will ask you what time they need to get back. Don’t worry because if you’re still not done surfing, they’ll wait or come back every 30 mins. Or stay at Burger Queen, Barbequhan-Bulalohan-Burgeran (Insert burp sound here).

Some pics before checking-out.

And there you have the second part of our Zambales trip. We came back last Nov 30 so expect another Zambales-related blog, we went to Anawangin and it was fun(please read with sarcasm, you’ll know soon enough) and Sachi’s christening! Will be working on it soon, I promise.


And before I forget (actually I lost the list so this is a rough estimate):

Trike ride: 100 each person two-way
Surf: 500 each person
Bus fare: Same as going here I think (helpful no?)
Snacks: I dunno (As I said….)



  1. wow galing mag surf ang saya naman 🙂 galing ni jen 🙂

  2. basagan tlg lee hanggng sa blogsite mo???? =))

  3. cge, next time stop over kau sa bahay… ehehehe!

  4. Yown! Natapos mo rin after 10 1/2 years… Surf ulit tayo!!!!! Graawwwr!!! *naadik sa zambales at burger queen*.

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