Posted by: Oliver Lee | October 6, 2009

A kids to adults trip

I finally was able to visit some of the places I since longed to go to.

Ever since SM Mall of Asia opened their own Science Center, I had planned of visiting the place but it usually doesn’t go as planned (which usually happens).  I just read about the place in the internet and stuff. So basically, it was a wish long forgotten until me and my friends happened to get together at SM MOA. Again, another trip unplanned. I’m starting to get used to trips like these as, usually, unplanned trips are those that goes really fun and enjoyable. And lately, all my trips had been like these, hehe.

So after meeting Ann, Zaide and Jen at MOA last Sunday (October 4, 2009), and after long discussions on what to do while eating at BK, we decided to go to Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. Tickets cost like P330 each but if you have an SM Advantage Card or a BDO Rewards Card, they’ll take P30 off.

Science Center Pass

The ticket/card they give you as pass. Sadly, the machine where you enter the card doesn;t spit it out so no remembrance.

We were like just in time (as in super exact, you need to enter right now) for a film showing at the Planetarium. This is again another first for me, which is kinda sad and pathetic since the Manila Planetarium was like a 5 minute walk to where I go when I was in college. The seats are inclined as they show the film at the ceiling.  They show a different film every 2 hours or so, ours was a 3d film titled “Dark Star”. So if you like to watch a different film, check the schedule at the counter.

04102009(005)Me, Ann and Jen inside the Planetarium


Ann, Jen and Zaide

After the film and a quick stop at the comfort room, we decided to check the interactive exhibits in the center. First stop was the “Grossology” area. They discuss here the grossness of the human body, which is kinda fun until we had enough of the sniff sniff machine.

04102009(015)A quiz where you get to play against 4 other people about all that is gross happening in the human body.


I kinda aced this one, hehe.


A Burp Man something. You need to pump the gas using a lever and see bubbles form from his stomach and on the straw where he’s “sipping soda”.


I don’t know what they call this exhibit. There’s a camera in the center (the black square) and it records your movement. You have to search what square you are on at the big screen(we had a hard time looking where our square was).

04102009(021)You have to transfer all the wastes from the blue circle (kidney?) to the red circle (urethra?).

04102009(022)This was kinda fun until we had enough, haha. There are four bacterias presented here and you have to choose from which part of the body (mouth, armpit, anus, and foot) you would like to smell.


The “Barf Barf” game. You need to choose the correct order how a barf goes on your body so you can make the guy barf.

04102009042You need to place the correct body part/organ using the tongs without touching the sides.

After our “gross” adventure, we headed to an exhibit called “Transportation Nation”. Here they discuss different wonders of the automobile world. You get to design your own car, fly a flight simulator, and watch some presentations and stuff. There’s also this big red cycle thingy shown here (I dunno the name, and I don’t think we have a picture of it).

04102009(026)An old tram car (I dunno if it’s a tram, i do know it’s a car though)

04102009(027)The flight simulators. It’s funny though when I tried to crash the plane, it bounced off the ground. Rubber plane?


Me trying out the flight sim.

We  also tried some of the simulation games. There were two booths there where you can play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and something-that-I-don’t-know-what-game-it-is-called.


Me and Zaide playing sim volleyball


Zaide playing volleyball

After the sim games, we decided to check the exhibit upstairs. The exhibit upstairs is composed of the earthquake simulator, virtual reef, robots and stuff.

04102009054 copyEntrance to the earthquake simulator

04102009(039)Time Capsule. Here you can send a post-dated email to your or someone’s e-mail address with picture.

04102009(044)The group working on a “time capsule” machine.


Jen with one of the robots in the exhibit.


Ann and Zaide with the Terminator robot

04102009055Me and Astroboy

04102009064Me playing an RC car. You need to push the colored button that corresponds to your opponent as  indicated by the flags to stop them from operating.


A robot building a structure out of little metal blocks. After the robot creates the structure, the platform shakes simulating an earthquake.

04102009067Zaide and the globe. The inside of this globe hosts an interactive game where you need to help the cub reach his mother by blocking the sun’s ray melting the ice.

04102009087 copyGroup pic courtesy of Manong Guard before leaving the center.

After our little educational trip, we went to Music Station inside Power Station located near the Discovery center to have some old time videoke fun.

Videoke (1)


VideokeZaide and Ann

Videoke (2)Ann and Jen

After our little sidetrip, we decided to grab us some dinner. At first we were to eat at Pier One since we kinda like to have some Gilbey’s Premium Strength, hehe. But as we have talked about eating at Hooters for quite some time now, we decided to go and have our dinner there since we were already at the area. Sadly though, our cellphones are already low in battery so we didn’t have much pictures. But as they say, there’s always next time….

HootersLooking at the menu

Hooters (1)Me and Ann

Hooters (2)Zaide and Jen

And there you have it! From playing robots to oggling at Hooters, it was a fun and eventful day. Now, I really do hope my plans for November push through, hehe…. ^__^


I’ll try to finish part 2 of our Zambales trip as soon as I can.



  1. Lee, it’s a car 🙂 sana pagbalik natin sa hooters may mga magaganda na LOL

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