Posted by: Oliver Lee | October 3, 2009

The Super Instant Zambales Trip, part 1

Before I start this, I want to thank Ondoy (Ondoy you fugly bitch!). I should have done this last week but, thanks to Ondoy, our house was flooded waist-deep.




Ondoy you stupid fugly bitch!


Remember my last post? (Just see the previous post if you have STM like me, hehe) Well, sometimes wishes do come true (Oh I wish for PS3, laptop, new cellphone, and the list goes on.). I had a super instant Zambales trip. Super instant since we just planned and green lighted the trip at 5PM of September 18. The trip was September 19, hehe. So to those that we weren’t able to call up and have them join us, sorry naman, hehe. We’re planning one and with hope and prayers, it happens. (Subliminal message: Siargao! Siargao!)


So on we go. We met at 8am last September 19 at 711 Nagtahan, me, Jen (welcome Jen to my blog, may post na akong kasama ka) and Zaide. Due to unexpected circumstances that could have been avoided (which means sisihin si Jen), and having a road trip in Manila, we were able to take a bus at 11am at Victory Liner Monumento. P870 for the three of us.

So with a 5 hour ride and a DSLR at hand, you know what happens next.

At the back of the bus

Isipin mo na lang, may PSP ka

Zaide and I swapped toys

So after 3 stop-overs (I think, or two, can’t remember), and a tricycle ride, we finally arrived at Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales (this is their website, but it is under construction. Luckily, I found this, which has more info.) We got a non-aircon cottage with CR (House of Meshach I think), and after dumping our bags, off we went to the beach. You can view the rates at their website for the other rooms, ours was P1650. Tricycle ride was P45 for the three of us from the bus stop to the resort.

House of Meschach. May inuman area pa! hehe

We have a swing in front of our house

Going to the beach. They have like obstacle courses and stuff for activities.

The beach! We were like just a handful of people there. It was fun and quiet and peaceful.

Yey! (Napansin mo bang wala akong maisip na icaption?)

Is Zaide peeing?

Zaide being attacked by a monster…. I mean Jen.

Sunset at the beach.

It was fun and the beach was nice. After the beach, it’s time to hit the showers and have dinner. The Inihaw platter priced at P500, 1.5 Coke
at P60.

Coke 1.5 and an Inihaw platter. Go ahead, drool.

And after dinner, it’s booze time! We bought some liquor at the store in front of the resort since the resort does not sell any alcoholic beverages. Since nobody (nobody, but you, eheh [Kelangan ko isingit un?]) had a taste of “The Bar”(which is read “Ja Bar” kapag lasing na), we bought the lemon flavored one.

The Bar, E-aji Party Pack, PSP, and playing cards which Zaide aced. Halatang sugarol.

Zaide’s Joker pose. Panira si Jen, haha.

After hitting the bar, Zaide is proclaimed the winner, or wHinNeR *sic. And I had the camera, hehehe. We walked to the beach to have some air.


Zaide tree-hanger bangager.

Zaide’s Mr. Pogi Pose. Sabi ng nanay ko….

Naubos ko na!

Walking to the beach

At the obstacle course

Saka lang naming narealize na andaming ulang at salagubbang na nakatira sa poste na yan. Nung kinagat na si Jen, hahaha!

One of the cottages at the beach.

After a little walk, we decided to hit the beds to prepare for our activity tomorrow. Surfing! Which I’ll discuss on part 2, as this has been long, hehe.

Initial costs:

P870 < bus ride for the three of us
P45 < Tricycle from the bus stop to the resort
P1650 < Room
P500 < Inihaw Platter
P60 < Coke 1.5
P70 < The Bar
P50 < Corkage fee for the Bar
P3245 < Total costs for 1st day, excluding taxi going to the bus station, snacks, and stuff.



  1. nice post!kakamis!next m0nth again?haha thanks for being good to me on this post,mas nilaglag mo si zaide in terms of bloopers haha!

    • Lagot ka sa 2nd post, hahaha

  2. Orayt! Gumagaling ka nang magblog… ako magphotograph. Official travellers na tayo. Hell yeah!

  3. Si zaide halatang sabog after drinking The Bar LOL, iblog mo na ung part 2..para makita bloopers ni jentot hehe 🙂

  4. Crystal Beach… hay, been there. Last year.

  5. moobs alert!

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