Posted by: Oliver Lee | August 5, 2009

A Patriotic Post.

Before I start, I join the Filipino people (and netizens) in expressing sadness as we bid farewell to Pres Cory Aquino.

Well, this was supposed to be my entry for the month of July. I just got the cohones to do this today, being the lazy bastard that I am.

I haven’t been anywhere (I think…, my memory has an auto-reset) outside Metro Manila, thus the lack of ideas for entries for the month of July. (Nope, this ain’t a monthly thing that I set for myself, but then again, well…) But I have gone out to meet wayward friends, (as in wayward, decade long, you-always-wonder-if-they-are-still-alive type of friends), birthday celebrations, lots of meetings (tons actually), presentation (singular, isa lang e) and stuff. So, to be straight with you, I have no idea what to write about.

As of press time (naks! Tagal ko ding hindi nagamit ung phrase na un a….), local tv is broadcasting the funeral for Pres Aquino. I had been checking local sites and saw that all are placing (posting) yellow ribbons on their logos and stuff. Actually, my profile pic in Facebook is a yellow ribbon. It’s nice that all walks of life are united in expressing sadness for Tita Cory’s (close?) passing. Really makes you feel proud to be a Filipino.

I wonder who’ll be the next Filipino to unite us like this again. I think what I’m trying to say is, who will be the next moral compass for the Filipino people. Watching the documentaries presented about her, you’ll really see that she did lived a good, honest, and prayerful life. Even after her presidency, she still helped others with whatever problems people around her had. And then, we still looked up to her whenever the country faced an issue or crisis. I just hope that the next president, or whoever he /she may be elected on any government post, try to emulate the person that Pres Cory was when she was holding a post in the government.



  1. Jamby Madrigal daw brod. sheesh. what a loser.

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