Posted by: Oliver Lee | June 28, 2009

The Great Baguio – La Union Getaway! (part 3)

So on our third day and after a quick breakfast, we decided to head to the beach to do some surfing. The beach here is awesome since the beach is not that deep compared to Baler (unless of course you go like 10 miles away from the shore). So with that, we were able to get a long ride on the surf. After a little refresher course (we already know what to do since we did it before in Baler, but just to be on the safe side =p), we chose our boards and surfed away.

At the surf school/shop.

While waiting for the trainors.

Lai’s moment…. She doesn’t have a picture riding the board when we were at Baler.

Ajie’s moment din…. Haha.. 1st time to surf so we took a picture.

Me jumping off the board after a ride.

Group picture after our surfing session.

There’s a little backstory during our trip here. Cye got injured during our surfing session; luckily we have a nurse on board (Go Ajie!).

Now here is the real adventure. Before our surfing session, there was a brownout at the resort. We didn’t mind since after surfing, we’ll just have to shower and then go to Me-an’s place. But lo and behold, we learned that we also have no water! So, no electricity = no water. Nice no?

Since there was a poso (a dug-out water well), which was shared by ALL guests there, we just had a quick wash, and I mean just wash. So we planned to just have a quick wash and have our shower at Me-an’s place.

Stinky vacationers going to Me-an’s place.

After this jeepney ride, we arrived at the tricycle terminal where we waited for Ling (Real name Joanna. Figure it out, hehe!). So after an adventurous tricycle ride (Me-an and Ling’s tricycle got a snake!), Me-an treated us to a lunch at their place (yum! And oh so delicious apple mangoes from their tree!) and allowed us to have our showers at their place (Thank God! hehe).

The Mutated-Delicious Apple-Mango. (I said mutated since it was very large!) You don’t even have to climb the tree, you just have to stretch your hands to get a mango.

So after a delicious lunch and a welcome shower, Me-an took us to La Union Botanical Garden. The ride going there was fun. We rode a jeepney going up a mountain. What was funny was that along the way, there were lots of fruit-bearing trees that if you decided to jog here, you’ll be eating along the way.

A dog rode with us during our trip.

Mean, Cye, Lai, and Ling (newest member of our trip, hehe)

At the path going inside the botanical garden.

An iguana? At the Botanical Garden

Group pic at the Wishing Well.

Wawa naman si Cye, haha….

At the steps of the garden.

Some group pix.

A little rest after a long walk.

Going home….

So after the botanical garden, we had a little rest at Me-an’s place. After a quick rest, we did a little city tour courtesy of Me-an and ate at Midway Grill.

Me-an, Kylie (Me-an’s friend, we met her at the resto), and the others….. (hehe, Cye and Lai pala)

Her name is Kylie. Irereto natin to sa pamangkin ni Cye, hehehe.

Group pic at the resto.

After a hearty dinner, we went back to Me-an’s place for a little rest before going home.

Group pix at Me-an’s Room.

So after some rest, we headed straight to the bus terminal to go home and back to reality. =(

And there you have it! Our little get-away before vacation ended (di naman kami pumapasok school a, hehe). Looking forward to go to Baguio again…. And to surf…. And to have another vacation…. =(



  1. Nice! Oh.. Magplan na ng kasunod?!! =D

    • napaguusapan yan… sa bday mo tayo magplan, hehe….

  2. lee!!
    waahh.. ang saya tlga pagnakikita ko mga pics natin sa getaway natin..
    ang saya lang tlga..

    onga, back to the real world na after ng trip natin, a little sad kasi mga ayaw pa natin mag si uwi..pero kelangan kasi ala na tyo pera.. wahaha
    and me mga pasok pa tyo kinabukasan..

    onga pla absent ako nun SL kasi nga injured.. wahaha

    nice nice..
    ang saya tlga i relieved nung mga happenings.. excited na rin ako ulet makabalik ng baguio.. sana next time makarating na tyo sa stawvberry farm at dun sa maraming flowers.. at sana TUYO tyo the whole gala.. haha..
    cant believe wala man lang nagkasakit satin sa buong trip..
    to think na super lamig, tas tumutulo tyo sa kawalan ng payong.. tsk tsk..

    nakow.. sa december na tyo magplan ng next gala.. malay mo nmn out of the country na ang trip na kasunod nito.. wohoo!

    tHanks lee.. tl out nxt getaway!

    • oo, kelangan makabalik ng Baguio… Onti lang napuntahan natin….
      Determinasyon na makapagbakasyon kaya hindi tayo nagkasakit, hehehe….

      • kung sabagay,, parang sign (wahaha eto na nmn ako sa sign) na dapat tyo bumalik sa baguio kasi wala man lang nagkasakit satin.. =P

        balik tyo dun.. sana mas marami tyo next time.. saya kasi pag group tlga..

  3. haha sad truth, after a nice getaway, you need to be back to reality 😀

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