Posted by: Oliver Lee | June 21, 2009

The Great Baguio-La Union Getaway! (part 2)

After waking up to the tune of Maskman Ending Song (Ito ang mga bayaning magiting….), we freshened up and went straight to Pizza Ricco at the Basement of Baden Powell Inn for breakfast. It’s kinda hidden so you might want to ask the guard at Baden Powell Inn on how to get inside the restaurant.

From Baden Powell Inn going to Pizza Ricco

Inside Pizza Ricco

Lucky us, we were the first customers for the day. The food was good and the pizza was great! We had the House Special (“with volcanic sauce”). Anyway, this one is a must try restaurant and I personally look forward of going back here to try again one of their pizzas. We even had the chance of talking with the person who made our pizza. He told us that what we ordered was their most expensive but not their best-seller (their best pizza was the Meat Lovers as per the pizza maker). All the same, it was still one of the best pizzas I ever had.

Cye, Lai, Ajie, and Me looking posing with the menu.

Me with the menu!

Cye and Lai kinda picked on the flowers that we needed to get the other flower vase from another table.

Look at that pizza! Me, Ajie, Lai, and Julia Chang of Tekken (haha, peace Cye!)

Cye and Lai goofing off at the band area at Pizza Ricco.

After having breakfast, we went back to our room at AJ pension house for our things. Our check-out time is at 11AM (I think) and we went straight to the bus/van terminal going to La Union. We didn’t have any pictures while on the ride. We were dropped off at the San Fernando Park (I’m not sure if that’s the name of the park, but it’s a park in San Fernando, La Union near the local gov’t office) in La Union. We were waiting for Mean, Cye’s friend, who will join us on our vacation here at La Union. This is one trip where for every destination, we meet someone new, hehe….

While waiting for Mean, we took some pictures!

So after Mean arrived, we went straight to San Juan Beach Resort where we stayed. After dropping our bags, we went straight to the surf to relax, take in the beach and unwind.

At the reception/restaurant area of the resort.

Lai, Ajie, Mean, Cye, and Zaide

Ajie, Mean, Lai, Cye and me having some coke (ubos na!) before hitting the beach.

Power rangers!

Mean, Zaide and Lai

Me, Lai, Cye and Mean

Me, Zaide, Lai, Cye, and Mean

Me, Lai, Cye, Mean and Ajie

In the middle of the waves

So after hitting the beach, we went back to our rooms and had a quick shower before having dinner. We didn’t know that the restaurant of the place we’re staying at closes at 8PM. Fortunately, the resort beside the place we’re staying (Sebay Beach Resort) is open til 11PM (or midnight I think) so we had our dinner there.

So after dinner, we went back to our rooms and they played some card games (I forgot the name of the game they were playing, I opted out, don’t have the luck for card games + money, and I already lost some, hehehe). We stayed til 12, I think, before sleeping because of some traumatic experience we were currently having (specifically us boys) that night, which will level up on an oh-so not-nice-surprise during our third day there.



  1. i miss baguio!!!

    • partida, umuulan nung namasyal kami,haha… wala kaming pakialam, basta makapasyal… =)

  2. ahaha.

    tlgang documented lahat pati yung mga moments na nakakahiya katulad na lang ng mukha akong indian pana sa headband na suot ko.. now that i had a second look at it.. tsk tsk..

    thanks lee for relieving our moments.. kung ano man ang purpose ng trip natn.. haha.. ang masaya me maganda naman na kinahinatnan right?

    more of this pa sana in the future.. =P

    PS: pramis yum yum food sa Pizza Ricco.. worthy na kainan sa baguio..
    kahit nmn sa Steak House, sarap rin..
    pati sa Cafe Zola.. actually lahat ng kinainan natin dun masarap =P

    pero wala ng mas o-ok pa sa Vodka Cruiser.. wohoo!
    wag ka na mag comment lee.. moment ko ito ok.. bleh!

    • ah oo, moment mo ung sa Vodka Cruiser e, walang makaktalo dun…. =p

      • sabi ng moment ko ito eh.. wag ka na mag react.. well.. wala naman kasi ebidensya..

        wahaha.. kya safe pa ako.. next time kasi document rin natin yung mga nakaka sukang pangyayari.. haha

  3. hi lee! i had fun reading them! sana more trips pa in the future, wd me of course! hahahha….

    • Oo naman… Kelngan ng pagplanuhan yang mga yan, hehe….

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