Posted by: Oliver Lee | June 14, 2009

The Great Baguio – La Union GetAway! (part 1)

As you may have noticed, I made a big switch from Blogger to WordPress. I did the switch because I can post with much more ease on wordpress using my word processing software (hulaan mo…..) hehehe….

So before summer vacation ended this 2009, I made one last getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manila. My friends planned to go to Baguio and La Union for a nice and relaxing trip, so after little to none preparation, we packed our bags and headed straight to the bus terminal.


Our trip was scheduled at 2AM. Cye, Lai, Ajie, and a sleepy me.

Zaide and Ajie watching TV on my phone.

So after 6 hours of a butt-numbing bus ride, we searched for a cheap transient house where we can dump our bags. Since we will be out most of the day and we’ll just use the place for sleeping, we really didn’t take into consideration the view from the room and other stuff. This is the place where we stayed:

Just click on the picture so you can have the address and the contact details, hehehe….

Zaide, me, and Cye goofing off at the lounge.

At the lounge of AJ Pension House. Lai, Zaide, Cye and I (I should have used “me” but I like to have a rhyme, hehe..)

So, first off, we went to SM Baguio to withdraw some cash. The mall there has a great view on their balconies, and didn’t need an air-con (big save on operational expenses for them). For brunch, we wanted to eat on a restaurant that is not available in Manila, which served as one of our first rule on our trip. Here are the pix!

Me, Lai and Cye while walking to the main road to hail a cab to go to SM.

Ajie with his lollipop.

Me, Zaide and Lai at SM. ATM’s at the back.

Ajie, Cye, Zaide and me looking posing at the mall directory.

At the SM stairs.

At the SM Balcony

At Session Road. Lai, Zaide, me and Cye.

We decided to eat at Zola located at the end of Session Road. Food was good, didn’t bother though to take pictures though. =D The restaurant is a wi-fi zone just in case you want to get in touch with the digital world.

Lai and Cye looking at the menu.

Laiza updating her status on Facebook.

Although it was raining, that didn’t stop us in strolling and going to places. (If you would look at my pictures, I don’t have a jacket since I forgot it, so, lucky me.) We first went to Burnham Park as they wanted to have a nice little boat ride. Well, if you count going on circles and paddling till your arms fell off, then it’s a boat ride.

At the Baguio Catholic Cathedral. After eating, we went here to pray a little. It was just a few blocks from Zola. Also, there is a map of tourist spots at Baguio here at the chapel.

Stairs from the Cathedral leading to Session Road. We decided to go to Burnham Park.

At Burnham Park (I think)

At Burnham in a boat

The Sagwaneros! Hehe….

After Burnham Park, we decided to go to Mines View Park to buy some pasalubongs and to have some “Kodak” moment. Hehe. There are a lot of pasalubong shops located at the park. Luckily, the rain wasn’t that strong (or it was strong and we didn’t mind), so we were able to go look at the sights at the park.

At the pasalubong shops at Mines View Park. I bought a jacket here. =p

Zaide, Ajie and Me at Mines View.

Me and the Igorot wannabees.

Group pix at Mines View.

After buying some pasalubongs and picture moments, we decided to go to Baguio Botanical Garden. However, we weren’t able to spend that much time here since the rain started to fall really hard. But before we left, we took some pictures with a statue there. =p

Group pix at Baguio Botanical Garden

So we went straight home and after a quick wash, we went again to Session Road to have dinner at Sizzling Plate, as per Lai’s suggetion. Food was really good and real value for your money. Not that much pix though

Cye and Lai at Sizzling Plate.

After having dinner, we went to Madison Square to have some drinks at Fridays. When we went there we were too early so we were the first customers to go there.

At Fridays, Madison Square.

So after some booze, we went straight home (after an eventful trip home, won’t discuss here, hehe) to have an early night to prepare our trip to La Union, which we will save for my next post. =D



  1. langya ka lee, tlgang kelangan bigyan ng chance na mag question ang magbabasa sa ngyari after natin mag nevada square e noh.. haha..

    nice nice.. =)

    keep it up lee!

    Thank you for joining us rin sa trip na walang ka plano plano =D
    tl next getaway!

    • Yaan mo na. Para me onting mystery kung ano nangyari after Nevada Square, wehehehe….

  2. lee, teka lang natawa ako.. yung first picture na yun nasa baguio na tyo nun, sa tutuluyan natin.. kung saan man yun.. haha =)

    • ay oo nga no, hehe… sige boss-manager, palitan ko na lang… =p

      • ahaha.. good =)

        Thanks ulet lee..

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  4. hi,beautiful jeans in your post,I love thatgoodjeans,I need to find one for me,bill

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