Posted by: Oliver Lee | June 4, 2009

Lucky Day!

Sorry at medyo matagal din akong hindi nakapagblog. Busy busyhan lang. Had a trip to Baguio and La Union last weekend, will post it here once I get the pictures.


Lucky day ko ata ngaun. Nagexam kame kanina, medyo hindi ako nakapagaral, pero nakapasa naman. Kewl diba?

At isa pa, nabasa ko sa mga forums na Maxim na they are giving away free GTAIV for PC. (details here).

So I went to the nearest Mini-stop to check if they have some stocks. Unfortunately, wala silang nareceive na DVD’s of the game. Buti na lang, mabait yung nakausap ko na store clerk dun (forgot the name, sorry!) at she helped me to check the nearest branches in our area if they have some stocks left. Meron pang natira na 6 DVD’s sa Pedro Gil Branch and she had me reserve 1. Kaya after I dropped my things off at home, I hailed a taxi and went straight to the store.

The store clerk there (Shine) gladly gave me a copy of the game after buying a Maxim magazine (Daiana Menezes of Eat Bulaga, June 2009) and a Food magazine. You need to buy an ABS-CBN mag to get the DVD. Dapat kukuha pa ako ng 1, kaso kawawa naman ung ibang may gusto. Nabasa ko din sa mga forums na may mga nagohoard (what would you do with multiple copies of the game? don’t get it….). Kaya if ever you have the fortune to get a copy, please do not hoard, give others a chance. Naks!

Ang kulit nung copy nung game, may talagang map pa ng Liberty City sa loob ng DVD box. Hehe… Nice promo Maxim and Mini-stop.



  1. nasiyahan ka naman sa content ng magazine?

  2. ok naman… haha… galing din ng combination e no, maxim+pc game….

  3. well.. marketing yan. both have the same target market.. racing game and men's mag 😀

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