Posted by: Oliver Lee | April 12, 2009

Surf’s Up at Baler

Just arrived from Baler last Saturday night. This trip was arranged by my college classmate (Ann) and it was definitely a fun-filled activity. Now, this place is famous not only for its historical value but also for its beach as this place, as they say, is a good place for surfing, especially for beginners.

Baler is located at Aurora province and was the last bastion of Spanish regime in the Philippines as depicted in the movie “Baler”. It’s a six hour ride from Manila so if you have plans to go here, make sure you have some road trip activities. We departed from El Pueblo, Ortigas at around 12AM of Friday and arrived at Bay’s Inn, Baler at around 6:00-6:30AM so we were asleep half of the ride (almost, hehe). About 25% (I think, I am not that good in calculating estimates, hehehe) of the road that you’ll be driving through is not yet cemented so expect a really bumpy ride, but it is already under construction (with the warning signs that we saw, and half of the roads under construction) so expect to have a comfortable ride once all roads are done. I dunno if chartered flights are available, you may wanna check with our local air transports if they have flights to Aurora.

A 360 degree view of Sabang Beach, Baler.

After a quick breakfast upon our arrival at Sabang Beach, Baler, we dumped our bags in the room reserved for us (actually, the rooms that are reserved for us are not available until 12 PM so our organizer had reserved another room where we can dump our bags). Part of our vacation was a 2 hour surfing lesson. We decided to have half of it in the morning, and lucky that we did since it was very tiring and impossible to have a 2 hour surfing (especially for us beginners) in one go. The trainers of Mahdox Surfing School are very patient and will really make sure that you will learn and enjoy. I was hesitant at first since I do not know how to swim, but when they assured that we will always be monitored and assisted by our trainers, I decided to go with it and it was good that I did. =)

Me! This was my second attempt and it was a success! My instructor (Ronald) was very proud and was clapping at the back.

Joas at the left and me at the right. Kewl!Zaide

Cyrene, Zaide’s friend and ex-officemate, joined us in our trip.

David, Ann’s friend also joined us in our trip.Lai, Zaide’s friend also joined us in our trip.

After a very tiring but enjoyable surfing lesson, we checked in on the rooms reserved for us at Bay’s Inn (this is the best link I can provide, they don’t seem to have a website). We had a quick lunch and shower and went to Lukso-Lukso Beach. It was a great site, though I don’t think this is a good swimming area (though there are people who went here to swim). You’ll appreciate the view and the place is good for picture taking, hehehe. It is a good place too to collect shells or observe the marine life as the water is very clear and there are many starfish, little fish, crabs and other marine creatures that you can see.

Lukso-Lukso Beachfront.

Lukso-Lukso Beachview on your left.Lukso-Lukso Beachview on your right.

Me! (with two pwets at the background).

Cy and Lai showing off their Henna tattoos.
A 360 degree view of Lukso-Lukso Beach, Baler.

After our trip at Lukso-Lukso Beach, we returned to the Inn. We decided to have the second hour of our surfing lesson after a quick bite. Jeff (Ann’s boyfriend as pictured on the left) joined us in our surfing activity. We were not able to have our pictures taken since all of us were excited (that was how exciting surfing for us were! Imagine, we didn’t care for pictures!). I advise, however, not to do surfing in the afternoon, especially for beginners, since it’s high tide and the waves are really big. Not good for beginners AND those who do not know how to swim (like me). Though you can still surf, you cannot enjoy it that much like in the morning. We still enjoyed it though but we were able to have only 30 minutes since it was really very tiring, the waves are too big, and the ride is not that long since we cannot go that far off the beach.

After a quick shower, we decided to have dinner on the restaurant where we were staying at and strolled along the beach.

Joas, Jeff, David, me and Ann. David, Jeff, me, Ann and Zaide.

After a little stroll, we had some booze (after drinking fruit shakes, weird no?) and called it a night. We had to have an early night since we need to get up by 6 or 7 am as we were to visit Cunayan Falls. This part of the trip I was also excited about since I have never seen a falls up close as far as my stupid mind can remember.The trip to Cunayan Falls took about 45 – 60 minutes from where we were located. We had to pay P40 pesos, there were 2 tollgates that we had to pass before we can reach the falls, both costs P20. The water was so cold! As in ice-cold! The water was very clear and clean, and you can actually drink it (just don’t drink at the downstream, you know why, =p).

View on the left.View on the right.

Group pic before getting wet! (From L-R: Ann, Cy, me, Zaide, Joas, Lai, David)

Under the falls.

The boys under the falls.

Sitting at the rocks.

Group pic before going home.

So after our trip at Cunayan Falls, we headed back to the Inn to shower and get ready for our city trip and check-out as well. We went to Baler Church, the park and Museo de Baler.

Group pic at the beach before leaving.

In front of Mahdox Surf Shop and School.

Me, Zaide, Cy, Lai, and Joas.

At the surfboards.

Tatlong ungas.

Walking along the streets of Baler.

At Baler Church.

Group pic at the park with Manuel L. Quezon’s statue.

In front of Museo de Baler.

At the balcony of the museum.

Three musketeers.


After our trip at the museum, we went for a quick shop at the Pasalubong Center to buy some pasalubong for our loved ones. I bought some chicharong kibit (sea slugs crackling) as this is the most unique snack that I saw there. I wanted to buy suman (rice cake wrapped in banana or coconut leaves) but they said it was only available in the morning. The suman here is delicious and I had a taste of it when we had lunch on our first day, so bummer =(.And that wraps up our exciting Baler trip. So if ever you’re wondering where to go next for your vacation, you may wanna check this one out. Special thanks to Kuya Bart for organizing our Baler trip. If you need to avail his services and organize your trip to Baler, you may contact him at 09172562040.

Note: Special thanks goes to Zaide for the pictures; Ann as well for the pictures and Kuya Bart’s permission (through Ann) to have his number posted on this site. Will replace the pics with the high-res’ once I get them.



  1. Naks detailed na detailed ha hehe 😉 next time La Union surfing naman 😉

  2. sige, ayusin nyo na yan ha, hehe….

  3. sarap naman!

  4. comment comment comment… no comment. ^^,

  5. Cunayan Falls is tight! completely the opposite of your abs dude. hehe (of course, i had to burn you right? yun ang point ng pag-comment ko sayo. hehe)

    oh well, hopefully our next trip will be off the chain also. wag nyo na lang tapat sa holy week para makasama ako. hehe


  6. wow! saya! hahahaha! grabeh… i see ur flab roll and moobs…bwahahahaha!

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