Posted by: Oliver Lee | April 9, 2009

The Do-It-Yourself Palawan Trip! (day 3)

Now we’re off to my last post for our Palawan trip. Hope you find this useful for those who read. For those who did not, scr*w you…. hehehe…. Now, on to our third day.

The only activity that we had planned for the day was to go to the local market to buy some pasalubongs. After a quick breakfast at Jollibee, we just walked around the market and checked some stuffs. Remember, the market was just near our place so it wasn’t really that of a long walk. Besides, the area wasn’t that polluted and crowded, and it wasn’t that hot that day. Now, I can’t really recommend a store there. There are a lot of handicrafts store there and some stores dedicated for pasalubongs. Ooh, one thing that I bought was the cashew wine. You might want to try that one. And some cashew based products as well, it’s really cheap here

.Manong carving a paddle in one of the handicraft shops there. Cool!

So we returned to Lola Itang’s to rest a little. And after 30 minutes, we went out for lunch at Ka Lui’s (can’t see a good link for Ka Lui’s, but this may do). Upon arriving, we were asked if we had placed reservations., we didn’t know that to eat here, you needed to place a reservation first. Luckily, there were some tables free so they were able to accomodate us (lucky!). You’re required to remove your shoes before entering the restaurant. They’ll provide you with boxes were you can leave your shoes there, then just leave it under the benches there.
You know what, the pictures will do the rest of the talking of how amazing this restaurant is. Hehehe… Besides I’m lost for words, but what the hey….

The menu. Just in case you might want to know the prices

While waiting for the food….
Soup while waiting for the food.

The DRINK! Hehe. This coconut’s packed with so much juice you didn’t know how they got it to fit in all of it.

Seafood Sisig.

Shrimp in garlic butter.


The free dessert! I particularly enjoyed this one.

Forget Joas, jsut check the mango shake!

Watermelon shake and the food.

So after that good food, we went back to Lola Itang’s for our bags and went to the airport for our flight home, and that’s it. One good adventure wrapped up. So if you ever want to go to Palawan, hope that this (and the other two) posts can help you in planning your trip and most of all, ensure to have fun. Peace out!



  1. hmph! next time isama nyo ako! 🙂

  2. huh! di mo man lang nabanngit na ako ang sumundo sa iyo!! =)

  3. wow!! kakaingit!! i wanna try that too.. 🙂

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